Stop Calling Ricky Gervais’ New Show An ‘Atheist Comedy’

Haven’t we learned anything from The God Delusion? Weren’t we all supposed to have our consciousness raised? Don’t we know that TV shows shouldn’t be given a religious (or non-religious) label before it’s ready to make that decision on its own?! We have to stop mentally abusing these TV shows… So get this right: Ricky [Read More...]

Obama Asked About Faith-Based Religious Discrimination

Earlier this morning, President Obama did a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland and when it came time for the Q&A session, guess who was first up? Amanda Knief, the Government Relations Manager for the Secular Coalition for America! How perfect is that?! She asked an important question, too. The segment starts at [Read More...]

Christian Strangers with Candy

What’s scarier: A stranger offering your child candy or a stranger offering your child candy and a Bible verse? Kathleen Crowe says her nine-year-old daughter Angeline was playing in MacEwan park last week when she was approached by a couple from the Victory Christian Center who gave her candy and a Bible verse. Angeline was [Read More...]

Interview with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and Host of NOVA scienceNOW

I can cross this off my Bucket List now. Last week, I had a chance to sit down with Neil deGrasse Tyson at The Amazing Meeting 9 in Las Vegas. We discussed the future of the space program and science education, among other things. Excerpts from that conversation are below. The remarks are entirely those [Read More...]

Ireland’s Reaction to the Cloyne Report

A week ago, in Ireland, the Cloyne report (PDF) was published. The report discussed how the Catholic Church responded to abuse allegations in recent years — recent! — and it turns out (surprise!) they haven’t changed one bit. Among the findings: [The church authorities] failed to: Report cases of abuse to the civil authorities as [Read More...]