Gay and Godless in Houston

We know it’s tough to be an atheist in general. It’s not easy being gay, either. But when you’re both of those things — in Houston, Texas — it’s even worse. Sometimes you feel like you’re the only person you know who fits that description. Reader Jimmy wanted fellow Houston gaytheists to know they’re not [Read More...]

I’m Gonna Learn How Satan Works!

I know you’re dying to find out what’s in Satan’s playbook… and now we can find out! Warren W. Wiersbe has written a free book for the Kindle called The Strategy of Satan and it’ll be released on December 15th. Strategy #1: Judging from the symbol, become an anarchist…? I ordered my copy. The high [Read More...]

What’s It Like to Be the Child of ‘Faith-Healing’ Parents?

Liz Heywood is the daughter of Christian Scientist parents… and you already know where this story is going. She had osteomyelitis, a treatable bone infection, but because her parents neglected her medical needs and resorted to prayer instead, she wasn’t able to get better. Her condition got worse over the next couple of decades, and [Read More...]

A Pastor Helps a 9-Year-Old Girl Discover the Truth About Santa… and She Brilliantly Takes It a Step Further

Cristina Ramos-Payne didn’t like what happened at her daughter’s religious education class this past weekend. The night before, the pastor at her church spoke about how, as a child, he discovered his parents putting Christmas presents under their tree… One student from [daughter] Sierra’s class suddenly realized that his parents must be leaving presents and [Read More...]

Atheists as ‘Future Targets’

Sometimes, it pays to track online mentions of the organization you work for. The Secular Student Alliance’s Jesse Galef (who also contributes to this site) [Read more...]