Is Christianity Moral? Consider This…

DarkMatters2525 explores the hypocrisy of Christian morality:

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Was the Canceled TV Show Hosted by Evangelical Brothers Too Christian for Cable?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the cancellation of a TV show hosted by evangelical Christian brothers after their anti-gay statements went viral.

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New Study Shows That Americans Lie About How Often They Really Go to Church

In a study to be unveiled just hours from now, brilliantly titled “I Know What You Did Last Sunday,” the Public Religion Research Institute shows that Americans are lying their asses off when it comes to admitting how often they go to church.

How do they know? Researchers conducted two types of surveys — one over the phone and one online — in which they asked the same questions about going to church and belief in God. When participants had to provide answers to a human being over the phone, they were much more likely to inflate their church attendance numbers. And when they’re in front of a computer, they’re more likely to admit that they rarely, if ever, go to church.

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Yemen Doesn’t Share My Parenting Values

The team at PBS NewsHour put together a terrific interactive where you can rank the values you feel are most important to teach your children and find out which countries reflect (and don’t reflect) your ideals. (The data used comes from the 2010-2014 World Values Survey)

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Atheist Political Action Committee Endorses Another Round of Candidates… and Cue the Crickets

Last September, the Freethought Equality Fund was created with a mandate to back candidates who support church/state separation and the atheist community at large.

In December, they released a list of their first six endorsements — and it doesn’t appear to have hurt any of the candidates, which is a positive sign!

Earlier this week, FEF released its latest slate of candidate endorsements. It includes people like Daniel Moran (running for Texas State House), Rep. Juan Mendez (running for another term in the Arizona State House), and James Woods (running for the U.S. House from Arizona). All three of them are openly atheistic. Altogether, there are 15 candidates on the list.

But there’s a problem with that…

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