Obama Administration Bends Over Backwards (Again) to Accommodate Religious Opposition to Birth Control Coverage

Remember when we thought the Supreme Court had only allowed an exception to the contraception mandate to closely-held businesses?

They were just kidding about that.

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Did You Know the Only People Capable of Being Compassionate Humanitarians are Christians?

One of the benefits to writing on an all-inclusive site about religion like Patheos is that I’m surrounded by several really incredible bloggers. The downside is that some of them say things that are craaaaaaaazy.

Speaking about the Christian missionaries who contracted Ebola, Gene Veith (also a professor at Patrick Henry College) says that they’re doing incredible work. He’s not wrong there — I agree that they delivered much-needed medical care, putting their own lives in jeopardy, even if I have a problem with missionaries who proselytize.

But then he goes on to claim that Christians are the only people who make that sort of sacrifice:

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Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Children That Hell is Real

Dan Arel has written a wonderful book about raising children as an atheist parent. It goes well beyond how to deal with baptisms, extended family members, etc. Dan also discusses equality, homosexuality, race, and other ways religion manifests in our society.

The book is called Parenting Without God:

In the exclusive excerpt below, Dan explains why you shouldn’t teach children that Hell is real:

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Two Americans Give God, Not Doctors, Credit After Recovering from Ebola

Yesterday, Dr. Kent Brantly, who caught the Ebola virus while doing mission work in Liberia, was released from the hospital with all expectations of a full recovery very soon.

And he knew exactly who to thank: His doctors. God.

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Oklahoma Archbishop Drops Lawsuit After Satanists Return Consecrated Communion Wafers

I posted the other day about how Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul S. Coakley filed a lawsuit against the Satanic group planning a Black Mass because he said they stole a consecrated communion wafer.

Yesterday, Adam Daniel and his Dakhma of Angra Mainyu group put a stop to the lawsuit by turning over any communion wafers they were planning to use.

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