An Interview with Robert Wilson (a.k.a. rwlawoffice), My Site’s Biggest Troll

For more than a year now, it feels like a day hasn’t gone by without a comment thread involving “rwlawoffice,” a Christian lawyer who seems to disagree with everything I write. Even on what I believe are air-tight church/state separation cases, I can always count on Robert Wilson to tell me I’m completely wrong — albeit politely, without CAPITAL LETTERS, Bible verses, or snide/sarcastic jabs. It’s gotten to the point where, if he doesn’t chime in, other commenters wonder where he is, which is especially evident on posts about Christians behaving badly, where commenters openly wonder how he’ll spin the story when he finally speaks up.

It made me wonder: Is this guy just another Christian troll on an atheist site, trying (poorly) to convert us all? Or is it more complicated than that?

So I asked him.

I asked him several questions, actually, over the course of a few emails. Our (edited) conversation is below:

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Pakistani Court Upholds Death Penalty for Christian Woman Accused of Blasphemy; Muslim Extremists Rejoice

In 2009, a Christian woman named Aasiya Noreen (a.k.a. Asia Bibi, below) got in a fight with Muslim co-workers over shared water — they said it was unclean because Noreen was Christian. A fight began, during which Noreen said she would not covert to Islam, a statement her co-workers took as an insult to their faith and the Prophet Muhammad, and the bizarre argument led to incredibly serious consequences: A Pakistani judge sentenced her to death.

Despite conflicting testimonies and a complete lack of evidence for what happened, Noreen remained in prison for five years until her case could be appealed to the Lahore High Court (similar to a U.S. Appeals Court). Late last week, a two-judge panel issued their ruling:

In spite of protests within Pakistan and abroad against the country’s blasphemy laws, the Lahore High Court today upheld the death sentence for a Christian mother accused of insulting Islam’s prophet.

You’ve got to be shitting me… how is that even possible?

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Debunking the Viral Video of a Plane Landing on a Truck

There’s an old video on YouTube that could use a good debunking. You may have seen it before. It involves a plane with broken landing gear and a truck swooping in to save the day:

It’s very much not real, but I love how Captain Disillusion — who makes some of the best videos about skepticism you’ll ever see — explains both the pitfalls of the video and how we can spot these ads before they go viral.

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God’s Not Dead 2 Will Be Out Next Year, Says Studio Head

The movie that featured a comical caricature of an atheist college professor will soon be resurrected:

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Church Sign of the Day

Here’s some unsolicited advice for church leaders in southern Missouri, where this picture was taken:

Have some teenagers proofread your signs. It’s for the best.

(via Anna Nimity)

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