It Doesn’t Make Sense for This Colorado High School to Ban a Student Prayer Group

At the high school I used to work at, when I first began teaching there, I was amazed to learn that one period each day was considered an “optional” period for students. They could take another class if they wanted, but it was really free time when they could clear their minds, get academic help from teachers who were available that period, catch up with their friends, or study in the library. For many students, it was a nice break from an otherwise stressful day. And it was a really neat thing to see teachers (who were assigned to monitor the students) chatting with kids about what was going on in and out of school. What a novel way to build up a great community and establish rapport between students and teachers. (Our district eventually eliminated that period for understandable reasons, but it was still disappointing.)

That’s what I believe officials at Pine Creek High School near Colorado Springs had in mind with their “seminar” period.

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Curt Schilling Defends Creationism on Twitter

For some reason, retired baseball star Curt Schilling decided to argue with people on Twitter about evolution yesterday. (Which is really where all academic debates should take place.)

Too bad the man with three World Series rings took on the role of Kirk Cameron:

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The Story of Samson is Weirder Than I Thought

DarkMatters2525 tells the story of Judges 14 featuring a Schwarzenegger-esque Samson:

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Christian School Won’t Host Alaska State Wrestling Tournament After Officials Refuse to Stop Prayers Before Matches

Anyone who competes in a high school sport or competitive activity in Alaska knows the state tournaments are run by the Alaska School Activities Association. They decide things like which schools will host various state championships.

That’s why it’s a problem when the host of the state wrestling tournament for small schools, Anchorage Christian Schools, holds prayers before matches:

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Fort Worth Police Department Under Fire for Its Unholy Alliance with Local Clergy Members

It was only September when we learned that police officers in Rochester, New York were working with clergy members in order to patrol the streets. The unholy partnership, while it may have had strategic aims, still promoted religion in a questionable way.

Turns out Fort Worth, Texas is doing the same thing. In fact, the Clergy and Police Alliance (CAPA) has its own website, Facebook page, and slideshow:

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