Are Your Beliefs Separating You from Your Family Over the Holidays?

I was contacted by a (credible) reporter who’s looking for atheists to speak to for a possible story: I am embarking on a holiday story about atheists/free thinkers whose views keep them separated from their families at the holidays. Know anyone with a good story to tell? I want to write about how bridges are [Read More...]

Atheists in Idaho Get Press

***Update***: I forgot to link to this video featuring Lew Payne, organizer of the Boise Atheist, Non-Theist, and Humanist meet-up group. … You’ll never see an article where the subject is “Christians have a place to meet!” But when we’re talking about atheists — in Idaho — the fact that there’s coverage isn’t all that [Read More...]

Mr. Deity’s Bang

It’s the end of Season 4 and Mr. Deity is going out with a bang: “Just pretend you’re Catholic.” Heh [Read more...]

A Christian Reaction to ‘We Are Atheism’ Article: Not Enough Christianity In It

There’s a nice article making the rounds by Kimberly Winston of the Religion News Service about the “We Are Atheism” campaign: “It’s time for us to all stand up, speak out and be counted,” said Amanda Brown, 25, one of the co-founders. “It is time for us to put up our videos and change the [Read More...]

Sam Harris’ Lying Now Available as PDF

In case you missed picking up a copy of Sam Harris‘ e-book Lying (currently $1.99), it’s now available as a PDF for $2.99. I really liked it and I hope Harris comes out with more of these essays. Here’s one classic thought experiment he refers to in the book: A Nazi soldier comes to your [Read More...]