Bible Parody Book Author Skips Conference After Receiving Death Threats, but Attendees Are Honoring Him Another Way

A couple of days ago, I posted about how “Horus Gilgamesh,” the author of a book called the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible documenting many of the Bible’s little-known verses, had received death threats in advance of his appearance at this weekend’s Atheist Alliance of America’s annual convention in Seattle.

The writer of the threats said he’d see Horus at the conference.

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New Mexico City’s Ten Commandments Monument Must Come Down, Says Judge

In 2007, Bloomfield (New Mexico) City Council member Kevin Mauzy proposed that citizens should be allowed to put a Ten Commandments monument in front of the city’s municipal building. The council accepted his proposal, even though nothing happened at the time.

In 2011, Mauzy was no longer on the council… and he suggested putting a Ten Commandments monument in front of the city’s municipal building. (Isn’t that convenient?) The five-foot-tall granite monument was privately paid for and erected by July 4 of that year.

But thanks to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of two local Wiccans, that monument won’t be there much longer.

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Why Did Canadian Border Officials Make This Unreasonable Religious Accommodation?

If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you know that when you land, you have to wait in line, go through customs, hand over your passport, and make some small talk with the agent while you wait for the passport to get stamped. A bit annoying, but hardly a big deal.

It’s a very different situation from a security check when you first get your ticket. In that situation, you can make a few requests. Don’t want to walk through the metal detector? No problem. An agent will just pat you down. Don’t want to do it publicly? No problem. They can take you to a separate room. The TSA makes clear, though, that the pat-down will be done by someone of the same gender.

You can understand why they would do that, but would the same-gender issue matter when you’re going through customs?

Apparently it did for a group of Hindu priests in Canada. What’s more is that the Canada Border Services Agency accommodated the request:

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Should an Atheist Eagle Scout Feel Bad if He Had to Lie to Get the Honor?

Joseph, a young man who vlogs as Analytical Atheist, recently became an Eagle Scout — no small feat, regardless of what you think about the Boy Scouts of America.

But should he feel guilty that he had to lie about his “reverence” in order to obtain the honor?

That’s what he asks in this video:

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Pastor Rick Joyner: Evolution is Impossible because I’ve Never Seen Species Change

Over the weekend, MorningStar Ministries director Rick Joyner offered rock solid proof that evolution is impossible:

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