Foundation Beyond Belief Raised Over $30,000 During the Past Quarter

The 830 members of Foundation Beyond Belief raised over $30,000 for our ten beneficiaries in the Second Quarter of 2011. Incredible. It’s the most money we’ve ever raised in one period. I think the fact that the Challenge the Gap beneficiary received the least amount of the money, but still a significant amount (7% of [Read More...]

There Are No Atheists in… Rockets?

How do you get someone to say two slanderous things in one sentence? Ask astronaut Col. Mike Good for a soundbyte: “They say there’s no atheists in foxholes, but there’s probably no atheists in rockets,” said Catholic astronaut Col. Mike Good, who believes his faith in God was solidified by the awe-inspiring views he saw [Read More...]

Priests Get Angry, Too

All groups have their in-fighting, even Catholic priests. Edward Tarte shares a fascinating story about his time in the priesthood when there was some drama in his rectory because he and a colleague participated in a Cursillo retreat. [Read more...]

For My Stalkers…

You know who you are. I’ll be speaking at a few upcoming conferences in case you’re interested/able to attend! The Amaz!ng Meeting 9 (Las Vegas, NV) July 14th – 17th (Expensive, sold-out) I’ll be live-blogging the conference on this site for those who can’t make it! (And you can always follow the #TAM9 hashtag on [Read More...]

Christians Go After a Popular Pastor Over His Sexism, Too

Popular anti-gay Christian pastor Mark Driscoll is no stranger to controversy or saying crazy things (Avatar is a “demonic, Satanic film“), but he managed to piss off a lot of Christians yesterday with a question he asked on Facebook: So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever [Read More...]