After Pressure from Atheists, Grand Haven City Council Puts a Stop to Giant Hydraulic Cross

A few months ago, I posted about a giant hydraulic cross that goes up several times a year atop Dewey Hill in Grand Haven, Michigan:

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Anti-Gay Marriage Flier in Ireland Warns Against Children Being “Exposed to Sounds of Sodomy”

Ireland will hold a nationwide referendum on same-sex marriage this May, and since that date was announced a couple of weeks ago, certain groups have been trying to change public opinion on the matter (more than 70% of the electorate currently supports marriage equality).

This is the image being passed around by one Christian group:

Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain responded perfectly:

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Foundation Beyond Belief Announces Q1 2015 Slate of Charities

The Foundation Beyond Belief has just announced its five beneficiaries for the new quarter — each charity will likely receive several thousands of dollars, courtesy of atheist donors:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 36: Marshall Brain, Author of How “God” Works

Our latest podcast guest is Marshall Brain, best known as the founder of the website In 2007, Discovery Communications bought the site for a whopping $250 million.

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If You Think the “I Met God, She’s Black” Shirt is Controversial, You Have to Explain Why

A shirt reading “I Met God, She’s Black,” created by 21-year-old “self-described Jewish atheist” Dylan Chenfeld, is generating all sorts of publicity and interest, especially in the wake of what’s happened with Michael Brown and Eric Garner:

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