Rep. Rush Holt Speaks at the Secular Coalition for America’s Lobby Day Event

At the Secular Coalition for America’s Lobby Day last week, Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) was one of the featured speakers and video of his talk is now online:

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Nine Red Flags in Relationships Between Atheists and Believers

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 9 red flags in relationships between atheists and believers:

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Publicly-Funded Charter School Invites Clergy Member to Deliver Sermon at Graduation

Hope Academy, a charter school in California that receives public funding, did something at their recent graduation ceremony that public schools like theirs aren’t allowed to do: They invited a pastor to deliver a sermon.

They didn’t even try to hide it; he wore a clerical collar onstage:

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Religious Art with Modern Errors

Artist Nastya Nudnik adds common computer/Internet errors to famous paintings. And since a lot of famous paintings are religious in nature, the results are fantastic:

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Atheist Files Discrimination Lawsuit Against Former Olympia Sports Supervisor for Workplace Harassment

Jason Rines, an atheist who used to work at Olympia Sports (in Maine), has filed a lawsuit against the company and his former supervisor Lori Brooks because, he says, she “discriminated against him and harassed him” because of his godlessness.

Beyond the proselytizing at work, Brooks even accused Rines of theft — because, you know, atheists are immoral:

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