Atheist Billboards Go Up All Across South Dakota

Seven billboards saying “Don’t believe in God? Join the club!” just went up all across South Dakota:

The billboards, which cost $11,148 and were funded by the United Coalition of Reason and an anonymous local donor, will be up through September 15. This is the 34th state (not including Washington, D.C.) to launch a United CoR billboard campaign.

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National Center for Science Education Unveils New Blog to Combat Anti-Science Teaching

The National Center for Science Education has just unveiled its new blog dedicated to “Defending the Teaching of Evolution & Climate Science.” It features Barbara Forrest and Eugenie Scott, which should be enough of an enticement, but just check out the logo:

Science League of America for the win!

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Robert Green Ingersoll on Morally Justifiable Divorces

Adam Lee points us to a passage written by Robert Green Ingersoll in which he advocates for divorce when it really is justifiable, even by many conservative standards — when there’s abuse, neglect, or just no love in the relationship anymore.

What’s striking is that the piece was written in 1889:

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Want to Buy a Canadian Church?

Who doesn’t?!

Denise Shanoha of Ladywood, Manitoba is selling a church that is no longer being used because she just doesn’t have time to maintain it anymore:

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A Church with Bibles (Literally) in the Walls Opens in Chattanooga

There’s a new $8,500,000 church opening in Chattanooga this week. But it’s better than other churches, you see. It’s a mega-church that strives to be a meta-church, transcending denominations and welcoming all Christian traditions under its roof.

Oh. And it’s made partly out of Bibles. Actual, physical Bibles. Because that’s how architecture works:

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