Ohio House Bill Would Undermine the Teaching of Evolution

Ohio’s House Bill 597 would amend existing education law to include this bit about science:

The standards in science shall be based in core existing disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics; incorporate grade-level mathematics and be referenced to the mathematics standards; focus on academic and scientific knowledge rather than scientific processes; and encourage students to analyze, critique, and review, in an objective manner, the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the standards.

That’s all code for “teach kids that evolution is questioned by credible scientists”… which it’s not.

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A Christian’s Plea to Get Her Community to Stand Up for Atheists

Rebecca Florence Miller, one of the evangelical Christian bloggers on Patheos, recently got in a conversation with a bunch of atheists (on this site, I believe), and came away with a few important conclusions:

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An In-Flight Safety Video for Ultra-Orthodox Jews Who Refuse to Sit Next to Women

Just over a month ago, an El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv became an “11-hour nightmare” when the ultra-Orthodox Jews on the plane refused to sit next to any women. Many of the men stood in the aisles to avoid sitting next to the ladies, forcing the plane to delay takeoff until the situation could be resolved.

Now, the Levinson Brothers have created this helpful in-flight safety video to show on future El Al flights:

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A Conference for Atheist and Agnostic Alcoholics is Taking Place in California This Weekend

This weekend, in Santa Monica, California, the We Agnostics & Free Thinkers International AA Convention is taking place for non-religious people who struggle with alcoholism:

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Poll Worker Ousted for Saying “God Bless You” to Everyone

There are a couple of simple rules for those working the polls on Election Day: Don’t talk about politics. Don’t talk about religion. You get the idea.

Ruth Provencal broke those rules during September’s primaries in Derry, New Hampshire by saying “God bless you” to voters.

That’s why she was asked not to work during Tuesday’s elections:

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