Sharks and Guardian Angels

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more...]

The Three Kinds of Creationists

Libby Anne has an interesting take on what she considers to be the three kinds of Creationists: 1. The Ignorant: This group consists of those who are creationists because they don’t understand evolution and haven’t seen the huge accumulation of evidence in favor of evolution and the massive amounts of evidence against young earth creationism. [Read More...]

Unnecessary Missouri Law Allows for Government Endorsement of Religion

A couple of weeks ago, Missourians passed Amendment 2, which was unnecessary legislation protecting the right to private prayer (which no one has ever had problems with)… and allowing students to use the excuse “It violates my religious beliefs” when they don’t want to learn something. That’s not necessarily the bill’s intention, but it’s now [Read More...]

Bad Catholic: It’s Ok to Wear a Condom… Just Not During Sex

I love listening to Catholics explain why condoms are evil because their rationale is so out-of-your-mind ridiculous that they’re just begging people not to take them seriously. Like Marc Barnes at Bad Catholic (and 1Flesh): We know that contraception works against the nature of love, which is total and life-giving, and thus violates the natural [Read More...]

A Panel of Atheists Discuss Religion, Science, and Morality

This is neat: Cara Santa Maria of HuffPo hosted a panel of atheists speaking about religion, science, and morality. Why only atheists? Because this wasn’t a debate about god and the supernatural. There’s no proof of any of that nonsense. Let’s move on and talk about things that really matter. Panelists included Michael Shermer of [Read More...]