It’s Still Hard to Be an Atheist in America, Says the BBC

When I was at the Secular Student Alliance conference in Ohio last month, a reporter from the BBC was there to speak with some of the students. The article is now out — and it’s riddled with mistakes, I have to point out — but this passage is indicative of just how hard it still is (in some places) to be an atheist:

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If Only We Could All Live Like These Catholic Archbishops

Daniel Burke of CNN and research librarian Lindsey Knight went through publicly available state and local government tax records, confirmed their findings with Catholic Church officials, and are reporting that “10 of the 34 active archbishops in the United States live in buildings worth more than $1 million.

Check out the digs for New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan:

That place is worth more than $30,000,000, according to one appraisal company.

And Dolan doesn’t even have a wife or kids.

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How to Deal with Preaching Coworkers

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how to deal with preaching coworkers:

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Jenny Lewis’ Beautiful Homage to the Voyager Spacecraft

I’ve been listening to the new Jenny Lewis album non-stop since it came out, and the title track “The Voyager” ostensibly pays homage to the famous space program that includes the probe which took a picture of the “pale blue dot” that Carl Sagan later made famous:

There’s no video for the song yet, but you can listen to it here:

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What’s with the Atheist TV Hate?

I seriously don’t understand it. Vice‘s Dave Schilling attended the Atheist TV launch party and slammed it for being a channel for those who “love hearing the sound of their own voice.”

As if Christian televangelists and political pundits everywhere do it purely for the benefit of the audience…

His whole piece was like that — a vessel for snark with very little substance.

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