A Compilation of Lawrence Krauss’ Best Arguments and Retorts

Lots of great stuff in this compilation of physicist Lawrence Kraussbest arguments and retorts:

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It’s Bad for You…

… yet some people can’t get enough of it:

Go here for the punchline. (As if you don’t know where this is going…)

(via Far Left Side)

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More Elected Officials, Including Members of Congress, Issue “Day of Reason” Proclamations

It’s not just Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island issuing a “Day of Reason” proclamation this year.

It’s Mayor Jean Stothert of Omaha, Nebraska:

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A Glimpse at the Monument the Satanic Temple Wants to Place Outside the Oklahoma Capitol Building

In 2012, Oklahoma state officials approved of a Ten Commandments monument being placed outside the capitol building. Last year, the Satanic Temple said they, too, wanted to donate a monument… a Hindu group soon followed.

Eventually, the state officials issued a moratorium on all monuments while they sorted out the legality of the original one. But that didn’t stop the Satanic Temple from raising money for their monument online. They wanted $20,000. They received $30,000. And we’re finally getting a glimpse of what their monument will look like:

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Secular Coalition for America’s 2014 Lobby Day Takes Place Next Month

The Secular Coalition for America’s annual Lobby Day and Secular Summit will take place June 12-14 and the schedule is coming into place. Last year, both Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) spoke at the event and this year’s summit will hopefully feature a couple members of Congress (to be named later), too.

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