Who Needs ‘In God We Trust’?

In case you missed it on Friday, Michael Shermer had an op-ed piece in the LA Times, arguing against “In God We Trust” as our national motto: It’s time to drop the God talk and face reality with a steely-eyed visage of the modern understanding of the origin of freedom on which the United States [Read More...]

Why Can’t This Army Captain Be a Humanist Lay Leader?

Capt. Ryan Jean isn’t trying to become a Humanist “chaplain” in the Army. He’s trying to become a “humanist lay leader — on a par with the lay Christians, Jews and Muslims who help military chaplains minister to the troops.” It almost seems like a stepping stone to the chaplaincy, a title would would carry [Read More...]

Once Again, Atheists Respond to Brother Jed’s Bile with Mockery and Humor

The Illini Secular Student Alliance have started a trend. When fire-and-brimstone preacher Brother Jed visited Indiana on Friday, the Secular Alliance of Indiana University was ready for him with posters of their own. I’d say they effectively countered his message Derek Miller at ISSA explains the significance of this response: This is a wake-up call [Read More...]

QualiaSoup Discusses Moral Objectivity

There are few people who can explain philosophy and atheism better than QualiaSoup. This time, he responds to Christian apologist William Lane Craig‘s oft-used argument that God must exist because objective morality exists (in other words, we know what’s right and wrong… and we know that because God must exist to deem it so). [Read more...]

Why Do the Religious Reject Evidence?

Laci Green offers her thoughts: [Read more...]