Christian Parent: We Must Stop Schools from Teaching Kids That Gay Couples Exist!

The Christian group CitizenLink (a Focus on the Family affiliate) has exposed the gay agenda in public schools! Thankfully, Education Analyst Candi Cushman is here to tell us how the homosexuals are out to indoctrinate the children by teaching them about things like (*ugh*) tolerance. I can’t believe it either. They’re teaching kids in first [Read More...]

The Falling Man Is Not In Hell

Seen on PostSecret: I’ll admit I don’t know how many Christians really believe their god would send suicide victims to hell, and some Christian resources suggest the same thing, though they do an awful job of handling the issue — if you gave your life to Jesus before committing suicide, you might still be saved! [Read More...]

Just Because the Steel Girders Form Into a Well-Known Symbol…

The Onion, in true form, derides the 9/11 Cross by pointing out that, when steel girders bend into certain shapes, we see only what we want to see: “On the one hand, it’s pretty miraculous that there was a precisely shaped 80-by-80-foot swastika found in the rubble of the fallen World Trade Center, but in [Read More...]

The Middle School Students Were Born This Way

Here’s a video that’ll make you smile: In Portland, Oregon, the Hosford Middle School Gay Straight Alliance group made their own music video for Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way”: (Seriously, where were all the kids like this when I was in middle school?) Also awesome: The principal of the school is named Kevin Bacon. Kick [Read More...]

Christian Magazine: The Prison Food Multiplied!

If this actually happened, you would think it’d get more headlines than just this one in Charisma, a Christian magazine. As it stands, I can’t find any other information about it. They had only prepared food for 70 people. But once the service in the prison in Pochutla had started, more and more men joined [Read More...]