Carroll County Commissioner Defies Court Order by Reciting a (Fake) Christian Prayer at Meeting

Only one day after a judge told the Carroll County (Maryland) Board of Commissioners that they couldn’t pray to Jesus during board meetings, one of the commissioners has already defied the ruling:

Carroll County Commissioner Robin Bartlett Frazier opened up Thursday morning’s Carroll County Board of Commissioners budget meeting with a prayer containing references to Jesus Christ…

Frazier, who seemed near tears, began the meeting by expressing her displeasure with the judge’s ruling. Frazier, R-District 1, said she was willing to go to jail to fight the preliminary injunction ruling.

“If we cease to believe that our rights come from God, we cease to be America,” Frazier said. “We’ve been told to be careful. But we’re going to be careful all the way to Communism if we don’t start standing up and saying ‘no.'”

She then proceeded to quote a prayer that she said was by George Washington, which included references to Jesus Christ, Lord, our Father, merciful father and the Holy Spirit.

Got that, everyone? Somehow, an order demanding that prayers, if used, remain non-sectarian — a perfectly reasonable accommodation for anyone to make — turned into an order telling Frazier what to think and was the first step in a march to Communism.

I thought Frazier’s biggest problem was that she was defying a court order. Now I realize she has far deeper issues she needs to address…

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Creationist to Give Commencement Address at Montana Engineering School. Let the Boycotts Begin

Greg Gianforte (below) is a wealthy Christian whose family foundation has donated a lot of money to “Christian causes in education, poverty and evangelism” including the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum — a Creation museum in Montana.

By itself, that’s not a big deal. He can waste his money however he’d like. But it gets worse. He and his wife have worked closely with both the conservative Heritage Foundation and an affiliate of Focus on the Family. His wife even testified against an ordinance that would ban discrimination against LGBT people.

But back to the Creation museum thing for a second. We’re talking about someone who believes the world is a few thousand years old, an idea that makes no sense to anyone trained in science.

So who was the genius who invited the Gianfortes to be the commencement speakers at an engineering school that graduates many of the top geologists in the world?

That would be Don Blakketter, chancellor of Montana Tech.

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God Isn’t a Shield for Your Racist Views

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how a KKK leader claimed he wasn’t racist. Rather, he was Christian:

You can read more about this story here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project — more videos will be posted soon — and we’d also appreciate your suggestions as to which questions we ought to tackle next!

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He Took a Road Trip to Westboro Baptist Church

Dustin Curry took a road trip not too long ago that included a stop in Topeka, Kansas. Naturally, he stopped by Westboro Baptist Church and the Equality House across the street. His video diary cracked me up — you can skip to 1:42 for the Westboro part:

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The Idiot’s Guide to Smart People Tackles Religion

The team at Above Average created this helpful guide to people who may encounter an atheist (though it also takes some fun shots at our side, too):

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