A School-Sponsored Military Memorial Retreat Featured a Christian Prayer and Skeptics Are Pushing Back

Over the weekend, the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus held a Memorial Retreat for its Corps of Cadets. While most of the retreat went well, one portion of the ceremony stood out to the skeptics in attendance.

When a chaplain delivered the invocation prayer, it was purely sectarian, made “in Jesus’ name.” This would be a problem if that happened at a city council meeting — the Supreme Court will be ruling on that very issue soon — and it’s a problem here, too. At a public university, any invocations must be offered in a non-denominational way.

Thankfully, Saara Wintersgill of the UNG Students for Secular Freedom was in attendance and shot this video of the prayer:

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Former Archbishop of Canterbury: Britain is a ‘Post-Christian Nation’

Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury and leader in the Anglican church, was asked in an interview this weekend whether Britain is a Christian nation (as Prime Minister David Cameron recently alleged).

Williams’ response was very revealing:

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A Bad Lip-Reading of the Mormon Church

It’s about time that bad lip-reading trend hit the Mormon Church.

In the video below, Phil Eger lets us know what Thomas Monson, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, really said at a recent conference:

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Before You Laugh at Other Religions…

You know how religious people think everyone else’s beliefs are weird? Brian Doyle reminds them that they (like himself) ought to take a look in the mirror:

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If God Actually Cared About Homosexuality, Maybe He Would Have Written More About It…

The Bible barely mentions homosexuality, but we know just how obscenely-seriously evangelicals take those passages…

David Hayward puts it into perspective:

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