New South Wales Supreme Court Tells Brainwashed Teenager He Can’t Kill Himself for Religious Reasons… Yet

We’ve heard stories of Jehovah’s Witness parents willing to let their children die rather than accept a life-saving blood transfusion. Thankfully, the law almost always sides against the parents. If they want to refuse the blood to save their own lives, so be it. But they have no right to kill their children because of their own religious beliefs.

In Sydney, Australia, a 17-year-old Jehovah’s Witness cancer victim compared receiving a blood transfusion to “being raped.” He told doctors he would “rip the IV out of his arm” if they gave him the transfusion. He would rather die than betray his religious beliefs.

Thankfully, the New South Wales Supreme Court told him he has to accept the transfusion. He’s a minor, so he doesn’t get to kill himself… yet.

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Ken Ham Claims Atheists Secretly Believe in God

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how the Creation Museum’s Ken Ham says atheists secretly believe in God:

You can read more details about the story here.

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Amazing Science

I think we found a hymn for the atheist churches:

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Pastor Who Told Gay Volunteer He Couldn’t Work with Children Anymore Clarifies Decision by Saying Nothing

I’ve posted a couple of times already about how Pastor Mark Brewer of Crosspoint Wesleyan Church in Fredericton, New Brunswick kicked 20-year-old Colin Briggs out of the church because he was gay. Despite Briggs being a long-time volunteer, missionary, and camp counselor for the church, Brewer feared that other members of the congregation would not want to leave their children near Briggs if they ever found out about his sexual orientation… so instead of enlightening the congregation, he asked Briggs to stop volunteering with them.

On Facebook, Christians and non-Christians alike blasted Brewer for his decision. Even conservative Christians could argue this was a violation of “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

This week, Brewer spoke to his congregation about his decision:

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Graveyard of the Gods

The University of North Georgia Skeptics Society held an illuminating event on campus this week, one that can and should be copied by other campus groups, especially with Halloween approaching.

They called it Graveyard of the Gods. It featured the tombstones of a number of ancient gods we now consider mythological. It also raised an important question: What’s stopping Allah and Yahweh from joining the mix?

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