The Wrong Way to Challenge Islam

It’s always a touchy subject when atheists go after Islam. Not because we shouldn’t — Islam has the same level of credibility every other religion does: none. It’s the same type of superstition and nonsense you find in other faiths, mixed in with a few nuggets of wisdom that its proponents love to promote. Islamic [Read More...]

Latinos and the Future of American Secularism

This is a guest post by Juhem Navarro-Rivera. Juhem is a political scientist and Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society & Culture (ISSSC) and blogs about Latinos, Politics and Secularism at The LatiNone … Latinos are considered to be a very religious and socially conservative group. While the assumption [Read More...]

Texas Has Approved a License Plate with the Phrase ‘One State Under God’ Next to Three Crosses

Remember when the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles wanted your input on some proposed “specialty license plate designs”? Well, they ignored everything you said and just approved this one: By a 4-3 vote on Thursday, the state board decided to allow the religious design created by Glory Gang, a nonprofit youth organization, to be accepted [Read More...]

This Rick Perry Ad May Be Worse Than the Last One

How offensive could a Rick Perry campaign ad be? DarkMatter2525 takes a stab at what we might be seeing soon During these tough economic times, when you may have lost your job or your house, I, Rick Perry, know what truly matters to you: the icky icky gay people. At this very moment, some red-blooded, [Read More...]

With New Billboard, American Atheists Urges Non-Believers To Come Out to Their Families

Dave Silverman didn’t get to make this announcement on Mike Huckabee‘s show as he planned to, but it’s still exciting news: “Tell your family you don’t believe in gods… they just might agree.” That’s the new digital billboard American Atheists is putting up at the foot of the Lincoln Tunnel beginning on Monday. The Final [Read More...]