FFRF Awards 12-year-old $1,000 Scholarship and Activist Award

There have already been a couple of posts on this site about how the Hamilton County Commissioners (in Tennessee) have been praying “in Jesus’ name” at meetings. 12-year-old Maia Disbrow was one of the people speaking out against the prayers. Here’s video of her speaking to the commissioners: Good morning. My name is Maia Disbrow, [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: Sikh Temple Massacre Happened Because ‘Atheists Hate God’

Almost as certainly as you can expect Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funerals of the Sikhs who died in yesterday’s shootings, you can expect the Christian Right to say something ridiculously stupid. (More than the usual, anyway.) Cue Pat Robertson, who wonders why someone committed this tragic crime: “What is it?… Is it satanic? [Read More...]

God Told Me to Kick You in the Face

You know how preacher Benny Hinn touches people on their foreheads or faces in order to “heal” them? Todd Bentley has a different approach. He just kicks people in the face (start at the 1:00 mark): Now, Bentley wants to tour Britain to pretend to heal even more people (while taking in plenty of money, [Read More...]

Pastor Mark Driscoll Teaches Us How To Be His Personal Assistant

Considering how much power he demands to have over his congregation, I’ve heard people compare Pastor Mark Driscoll to a cult leader. I’m starting to believe it, especially with the release of his list of 20 things the person serving directly under him can do to make life easier for him. It includes these gems: [Read More...]

Pennsylvania Atheist/Humanist Conference Now Offering Discounted Tickets for Students

The Pennsylvania Nonbelievers are hosting a statewide conference in September and they’re now offering deeply discounted tickets for students (with ID). Get them now! (Their speakers’ list is looking pretty good, too — and still growing.) [Read more...]