North Carolina Public School That Offered Bibles to Kids Refuses to Accept Pagan Books

A couple of weeks ago, Ginger Strivelli‘s fifth-grade son came home from his school with a copy of the Bible. It was a shock to her since he attended a public school and she was a Pagan. Katherine wrote: The school denies any wrong-doing, noting the box of Bibles was dropped off by the Gideons, [Read More...]

An Atheist’s Experience in Des Moines Leading Up to the Caucuses

This is an article by Sean Faircloth. Sean is author of Attack of the Theocrats: How the Religious Right Harms Us All and What We Can Do About It. Faircloth served ten years in the Maine legislature and is now Director of Strategy & Policy with the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, US. [Read More...]

Try Watching This Without Getting Infuriated

Rick Santorum gets asked why same-sex couples can’t get married. He responds by asking the questioner if it’s ok for multiple people to get married… because, you know, that’s the same thing: To quote a commenter at Joe. My. God.: It’s as if he tells me that he thinks capital punishment is good and I [Read More...]

When a Catholic Woman Discovers That the ‘Brick Testament’ Isn’t Christian-Friendly, Hilarity Ensues…

You know the Brick Testament, Brendan Smith‘s wonderful and hilarious series of Bible stories told through carefully placed Lego pieces? The series that’s spawned several books? Well, Catholic Kathy Schiffer just made a remarkable discovery: The Brick Testament doesn’t make you want to become a Christian! Her article reads like someone who just found out [Read More...]

Accounting for Accumulation

This is a guest post by frequent commenter Claudia. … Yes, I know the prospect of yet another post on sexism within the atheist community, along with its accompanying civil and productive comments thread, fills you with joy and enthusiasm. So prepare to rejoice! In a previous post, Hemant mentioned women being frequently “propositioned for [Read More...]