Pro Tip: Don’t Make Nazi References in Your Vacation Bible School Promo Video

I know Vacation Bible School organizers aren’t looking to me for advice, but I’ll give it to them anyway:

Don’t make Nazi references in your promotional videos.

I don’t care if you’re against the Nazis. Just don’t bring it up. No swastikas. No Hitler. No imagery of military attacks. Just don’t do it. (And don’t bother with references to a TV show that’s more than 40 years old, either.)

Thankfully, the Tabernacle Baptist Church in New Mexico didn’t get the memo, so they left us with this gem. Let me walk you through it.

It’s for the church’s Vacation Bible School, which I guess takes place somewhere in mid-twentieth century war-ravaged Europe:

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The (Actual) Runner-Up Religion of America

Last month, the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies released a map showing the second-largest religious group in every state (after Christianity):

That surprised a lot of people — Islam? Buddhist? Baha’i? Who knew those were so popular?

There’s just one problem. That map completely ignores people without religion.

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Sex Offender Pastor, Supposedly Forgiven by God, Rapes Another Child

There’s a reason we need secular laws in this country; because religious groups don’t know how to police themselves. And the latest example involves Roy Neal Yoakem, pastor of New Gospel Outreach Church in Kentucky. He was arrested on Monday on statutory rape charges:

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Mother and Daughter Claim Christian Sex Ed Classes in Edmonton Public School District Infringe Upon Their Rights

Usually, when we discuss sex education classes in public schools, controversy arises because it’s either not taught at all or it’s taught very poorly. Think abstinence-only sex education — which is hardly educational at all.

It’s not very different in Canada. Emily Dawson, a recent graduate from Edmonton, Alberta, took mandatory sex education classes at her high school and was shocked by what she heard:

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In the Middle East, Some Atheists Fake-Fast During Ramadan To Avoid Detection

We know it’s not easy to be an atheist in the Middle East. In Saudi Arabia, for example, vocal atheism is on par with terrorism. But I didn’t realize to what extent atheists are trying to avoid detection.

According to a report at Vocativ by Inna Lazareva and Noam Binshtok, some atheists are even fasting during Ramadan just so no one will catch on.

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