Is Believing in Hell More Traumatic Than Being Physically Abused?

The Daily Mail, about six years behind the times, is making a big fuss over something Richard Dawkins wrote in The God Delusion back in 2006: That believing (as a child) that Hell is real and that your non-Christian friends and family members will one day burn in it forever may be worse for you, psychologically, than any physical abuse you might suffer.

That was a controversial claim when the book came out; it was discussed at length at the time and many of his fans didn’t agree. At best, they said, he was comparing apples to oranges. At worst, he was trivializing child abuse.

Still, it’s worth discussing how traumatizing the concept of Hell can be to a child. [Read more...]

An Atheist Pours His Heart Out on YouTube

This video by XandarsMeteor is depressing at hell but hard to stop watching. (It’s gotta be the voice.)

Among other things, he talks about why religious explanations for the problems in the world don’t do us justice and why a world without God just makes more sense. [Read more...]

Atheists in Chicago Package More Than 18,000 lbs of Fruit

Last week, on the day after Christmas, more than 30 members of Secular Events in Chicago (including Jessica and me from this site) went to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help with whatever they needed us to do.

Turns out they wanted us to sort good fruit from bad fruit and box up the good stuff so they could ship it to local food pantries across the city.

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The Case Against Better Graphic Design on Atheist Billboards

Over the past few years, nearly every time I’ve posted about a new atheist billboard going up, someone (usually more than just one person) comments on how ugly the design of the billboard is.

Why didn’t you hire a graphic designer?! they ask.

The case for it seems to make sense: Thousands of dollars are spent on these billboards; why not spend a fraction of that on a professional designer? (It’s possible some designers would even volunteer to do it.) The billboards would look *so* much better than they do now.

I don’t deny any of that.

My argument against it is simple: None of that matters.

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Warren Jeffs Is Predicting the End of the World… from Behind Bars

Warren Jeffs, the man who is both the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and in prison for committing aggravated sexual assault on children, is still making decisions for his cult from behind bars.

In fact, he’s now saying the end of the world will occur before the end of the year (2012). The cult-owned grocery store, the only one in Colorado City, has already shut down — since no one needs food if the world will cease to exist. [Read more...]