Watch This Conservative Pastor’s Mind Get Blown As He Discovers How Secular Scandinavia Is

Those of us in the U.S. think we’re amazing at everything… mostly because we’re blissfully ignorant about how the rest of the world operates.

That’s pretty much the basis for a fascinating documentary series in Norway called The Norden: They take Americans who are passionate about a certain issue, send them to Norway, have them see how it’s done over there, and film their jaws dropping.

There’s the setup for this clip in which a conservative Southern pastor, Marty McLain, finds out how religion works in a mostly secular country:

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Texas School District Challenged for Allowing Crosses and Bible Verses in Classrooms and Selling Religious Shirts

How many church/state violations does one public school district need to make before even other Christians start saying they’ve gone too far…?

Well, let’s see what’s happening in the Mt Vernon Independent School District in Texas.

There are religious messages on the walls, like this one from Ronald Reagan:

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High School Football Player Celebrates Touchdown with Brief Prayer… and Gets Penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

On Friday night, when Sam Turner caught a touchdown pass for Fort Myers High School, he celebrated with an end zone prayer — and was quickly flagged with a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct:

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New Zealand Church Has a “Bleach-Based” Cure for Ebola; Experts Say It’s Potentially Fatal

What is up with New Zealand? Despite more than 39% of its population professing no religion, the promotion of bullshit seems like it’s at an all-time high.

Earlier this year, we learned of a church selling olive oil as a cure for everything, from mental illness to marital woes.

Now, a different church is promising to cure everything, including Ebola, with a “bleach-based solution that medical experts have slammed as being potentially fatal.”

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By the Way, Gordon Klingenschmitt Won His Election to the Colorado House… and That’s Horrifying

Gordon Klingenschmitt (below), a minister known for saying the most extremist faith-based things you’ll ever hear in American politics, handily won his seat last night for the Colorado House.

It wasn’t even close:

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