These Are Pretty Bad Reasons for the Catholic Church Not to Sell Some of Its Assets

After CNN’s Daniel Burke posted about the lavish lifestyles of some Catholic archbishops, Catholic blogger Kathy Schiffer decided to tackle the inevitable question: Why don’t we just sell the Vatican? Or how about just St. Peter’s Basilica (below)? Or anything, really, since the Church has so much?

Her answer might be what you’d expect: The Church shouldn’t sell anything.

But her reasons are appalling:

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After Alabama County Votes to Put Up “In God We Trust” Plaque, Atheists and Pagans Fight for Their Own Displays

Back in June, the Mobile County Commission (in Alabama) voted 2-1 to put the words “In God We Trust” on a plaque in the city’s Administration Building. (The most surprising thing about that? Until now, “In God We Trust” wasn’t on a government-issued plaque in Mobile, Alabama.)

Before the vote took place, eight people spoke to the commissioners about the plaque — and seven of them opposed it, including Amanda Scott (below):

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Pittsylvania County Board Told That It Still Can’t Open Meetings with Christian Prayer, Despite Supreme Court Ruling

In 2012, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors in Virginia began each meeting with a prayer to Jesus Christ.

An anonymous woman had sued the city in response — but a judge ruled that the only way for the lawsuit to proceed was if she revealed her identity.

In a country where atheists can get harassed for simply suggesting, “If people want to pray, they should do it privately, not on the taxpayers’ dime,” it’s no surprise the person wanted to keep her identity hidden.

But the lawsuit was too important and Barbara Hudson decided to shed the anonymity so the case could proceed:

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North Carolina Diner Halts 15% Discount for Praying Customers After FFRF Sends Warning Letter

Earlier this week, we learned that Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina gave customers a 15% discount if they were seen praying before a meal:

Even though the discount was supposedly open to people of all faiths, it was clearly geared toward Christians and offered no alternatives for atheists.

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Liz Cavell wrote a letter to the diner’s owner Mary Haglund a few days ago warning her of the legal repercussions of her actions:

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The (Animated) Rap Guide to Religion

Baba Brinkman is the brilliant songwriter behind the “Rap Guide to Evolution” and this song about Darwin Day.

His latest project is called “The Rap Guide to Religion,” an animated guide to the evolutionary origins of faith:

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