Can You Help an Atheist Politician Get a Scholarship to an Activism Conference?

Friend-of-the-blog Cecil Bothwell, an openly atheist City Council member in Asheville, North Carolina, is running for Congress in 2012. He’s also trying to win a scholarship to the Take Back the Dream Conference and he needs your help: Democracy for America and Rebuild the Dream have teamed up to send 30 progressive activists to the [Read More...]

Mahalo’s Interview with Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer, author of The Believing Brain, recently answered about 9823423 questions for There are too many to list, but you can see his answers to each individual question here or watch the full interview below: I particularly like his answer to: “Is Science a Religion?” [Read more...]

Amazing Pencil Sketches of Skeptics for Charity

DarkMatter2525 makes some fantastic YouTube videos but he’s also an artist and he’s created some drawings that you can bid on — all proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders. I’m in awe of anyone who has this kind of talent. Here’s the pencil sketch of Lawrence Krauss: There are also beautiful drawings of James [Read More...]

Debunking Some Myths About Atheists

Amanda Marcotte has an article up at AlterNet called “10 Myths Many Religious People Hold About Atheists, Debunked” — none of it should be news to people who visit atheist blogs regularly… or know an atheist or two personally… or listen to anyone other than their pastors. Unfortunately, I suspect some people will actually learn [Read More...]

Taking Nominations for the Bad Faith Award

For the past several years, New Humanist magazine has been handing out the Bad Faith Award. The award goes to “the person who has made the year’s most outstanding contribution to talking unadulterated (and often destructive) nonsense about matters of religion.” Recent winners include Sheikh Maulana Abu Sayeed (2010), the Pope (2009), Sarah Palin (2008) [Read More...]