A Massive Reason Rally Recap (with Videos and Behind-the-Scenes Pictures)

As someone on Facebook said, it was cold and rainy outside, but there was warmth all around at the Reason Rally. Here are some random thoughts about the event along with pictures and video: The grounds, the day before the event began: Did you see these pre-Rally articles about Nate Phelps and Dave Silverman? The [Read More...]

The Atheist Panelist Shows Them Up Every Week

The Ottawa Citizen runs a feature each weekend called “Ask the Religion Experts” where they invite representatives from different faith — and no faith — backgrounds to comment on a general religion-related question. (So, in other words, there’s one expert…) The online version isn’t formatted well, but it’s a good use of a religion section. [Read More...]

I’ll Be On NPR Tomorrow…

For all the NPR listeners out there, I’ll be on the show “On Point with Tom Ashbrook” tomorrow morning — we’ll discuss the Reason Rally, atheism, My Little Bronies, etc. It’s a live show that tapes from 10:00-11:00a (CT) and you can see where it airs in your city by going here (click on “search [Read More...]

This Is How God Spends His Time…

He has to prove Ray Comfort right! And, you know, give atheists nightmare fodder: (via Unreasonable Faith) [Read more...]

Atheism Episode of Up with Chris Hayes Now Online

In case, like me, you didn’t get a chance to see the episode this morning, here it is! Links to the specific segments are below: Coalescing the atheist political movement. Atheists, God and the GOP. Atheism in the public sphere. How does God fit in with global warming? Pastor comes out as a non-believer. As [Read More...]