Sam Harris Talks About Free Will

Sam Harris spoke about the topic of his new book, Free Will, at Caltech recently and there’s video of the talk: As always, if you notice a particularly great clip, leave the timestamp and summary in the comments! [Read more...]

Church Logic: Free Preschool Means the Government Is Anti-Christian

So I’m reading Lori Gilbert‘s excellent article about the Stockton Area Atheists and Free Thinkers and she mentions the reason one of the SAAFT members finally got fed up with her Christian church and left the faith…: Others, including some members who asked not to be identified because of intolerance against those who don’t believe [Read More...]

Ich Bin Ein Polynomial

The Oatmeal has posted a follow-up to his last cartoon about atheism: No wonder people hate math so much… (via Atheist in a Mitten) [Read more...]

A Memorial Brick for the O’Hairs

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the controversial founder of American Atheists, was murdered in 1995 along with her son Jon and her granddaughter Robin. Their remains were eventually found and buried — but there was no gravestone to mark the location. In fact, we still don’t know where their remains are. (Maybe it’s for the best, since [Read More...]

Despite the Rain, Hundreds Showed up for Rock Beyond Belief

The downside: The downpour we had early in the day kept a lot of people away from Rock Beyond Belief. We had hoped for a crowd numbering in the thousands. The upside: Several hundred people stayed or arrived later and the entire event went off beautifully Justin Griffith and his team put together a great [Read More...]