Going Undercover at an Atheist Convention

Carolyn S. Briggs, a self-described “wobbly agnostic,” attended the 2011 American Atheists convention in Des Moines and has a lot to say about what she saw there. I don’t know how seriously to take her, though, since she describes AA president Dave Silverman as “Jake Gyllenhall-cute”… I don’t know about that. You can decide for [Read More...]

A More Honest COEXIST Poster

After my rant about the misguided Christian COEXIST poster, the folks at Truth-Saves made one that’s much more realistic (click on the image for a larger version): I appreciate the addition at the very end [Read more...]

Foundation Beyond Belief Had a Fantastic Quarter

How did the Foundation Beyond Belief members do during the 3rd Quarter of 2011? *Amazingly* well: We raised a total of $31,240 for our ten beneficiaries and even “funded a full four-year college scholarship for a Guatemalan high school scholar currently in the [Roots & Wings International] program”! We’re about to hit $200,000 in cumulative [Read More...]

The FFRF’s Controversial ‘Fool Me Once’ Billboard Campaign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just began a new billboard campaign in Oakland, California that’s bound to upset devout Christians. They pull no punches and go right after delusional thinking — specifically the kind that leads you to believe Jesus is coming back one day. Check out these new signs: They’re also bringing back one [Read More...]

The Rapture’s Coming Today: a Song

As you undoubtedly know, the end of the world is coming on October 21st… at least according to Pastor Harold Camping. The Burrowing Owls wrote a song all about it Catchy little tune, no? [Read more...]