Sean Faircloth Talks About His New Book

Sean Faircloth‘s new book Attack of the Theocrats! won’t be out in hardcover until February, but the Kindle version is already available! Sean just released a promotional video about it: He’s been the opening act during Richard Dawkins‘ recent book tour and I suspect he’s getting crowds energized to vote as a secular bloc. If [Read More...]

A Follow-Up to the Halifax Transit Religious Ad

A few days ago, I posted about this ad seen on a Halifax, Nova Scotia bus: But weren’t religious ads banned? Wasn’t an atheist group rejected for their own ad campaign? Isn’t the transit authority breaking its own rules? Lori Patterson of the Metro Transit responded to reader Dorothy yesterday. (***Edit***: I spoke with a [Read More...]

A Successful Humanist Community in Boston

Over at Harvard, Humanist chaplain Greg Epstein has been hosting a series of Sunday gatherings featuring talks and discussions: At a recent meeting, Epstein and his acolytes — they included students and people whose college years were far behind them — shared plastic chairs in the chaplain’s modest office suite. There was a guest speaker, [Read More...]

That Awkward Moment When Your Pastor Dad Quotes The Bloodhound Gang

Peter‘s dad was a pastor. Peter grew up with a lot of religion. In fact, Peter once sat through a sermon in which his dad quoted that song by The Bloodhound Gang… One Sunday, he took the pulpit and declared, grave-faced, that today’s sermon would be on the blasphemy of modern sexuality. He turned on [Read More...]

The Search for Intelligent Life Continues

It’s so hard when it comes to the naughty bits: (via misterdeity) [Read more...]