Note to Christians: Arguing the Existence of Hell Will Backfire

Christian blogger John Shore overheard a conversation between a Christian (“Christian”) and an atheist (“Tom”) at a Starbucks the other day. In his retelling of their dialogue, he admits that the atheist “ended up wiping the floor” with the Christian by pointing out the logical flaw with the concept of Hell:

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Where the Atheism/LGBT Parallels Break Down

You often hear comparisons between the atheist movement and the LGBT movement — the recent increases in societal acceptance, kids getting bullied over their identities, the importance of having “firebrands” and “diplomats,” the whole “coming out” thing — but Chris Stedman points out where the analogy breaks down.

It begins with the discrimination angle:

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Todd Starnes of Fox News Lies Again: A Texas School Did Not Ban Christmas Trees and the Colors Red & Green

I think this is the third fake story “reported” by Fox News’ Todd Starnes in the past two weeks. But I could be wrong since I’ve only read three of his stories in the past two weeks.

His latest version of “fair and balanced” spin takes us to Frisco, Texas, where Starnes writes that an elementary school has “banned Christmas trees and the colors red & green from an upcoming ‘winter’ party”:

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Chicago Sun-Times Columnist (Who Doesn’t Believe in God) Calls Atheists ‘Zealots,’ ‘Aggressive,’ and ‘Joyless’

Last week, the Chicago chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation placed an 8.5-foot-tall Scarlet A monument and banner in downtown’s Daley Plaza (on Dearborn and Washington):

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg, himself a self-hating atheist in the style of S.E. Cupp, can’t stand the displays. But before he could explain why, he took the time to complain about atheists as a whole:

I am not an atheist. Atheists are zealots, too, elevating denial of the divine into a kind of faux religion, complete with pieties, and manage to be as aggressive and joyless as those who at least can blame a higher power for making them the way they are.

Rather, I am an agnostic. Agnostics know what we know but don’t make a fuss. We’re the Unitarians of the nonbelief community.

The reason Steinberg thinks atheists are joyless is because all the happy ones manage to stay away from him.

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Fox News is Indirectly Contributing to These Atheist Groups’ Bottom Line

Every time Dave Silverman appears on Fox News Channel, an atheist gets out her wallet.

Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple tracks how atheists’ appearances on Fox News — which escalate around this time of year for reasons no one can explain… — coincide with increased donations and membership to their groups:

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