If God Were Not Invisible…

… everything would become one hell of a lot creepier. (via DarkMatter2525) [Read more...]

Are Muslim Extremists a Fringe Group?

There’s been plenty of talk already about Newsweek‘s offensive cover… and the backlash… and the backlash to the backlash… … but Ayaan Hirsi Ali‘s cover story is worth discussing just on its own: The Muslim men and women (and yes, there are plenty of women) who support — whether actively or passively — the idea [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard Goes Up in Kentucky

The Bluegrass Coalition of Reason in Kentucky just put up its first billboard in anticipation of the upcoming Kentucky Freethought Convention: The ad costs $5,650 and was paid for by the United Coalition of Reason. It’s already getting press: “We are not here to change anyone’s opinion or tell anybody they are wrong or right [Read More...]

Atheists Beat the Illinois Family Institute At Their Own Game

Alright. Spill it. Which of you naughty atheists used a Christian group’s faux grassroots-anger email system to send letters of support to schools that brought in Jessica Ahlquist to speak to the students? Because Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute is ever-so-pissed about it: Today, an unusual number of atheists from around the country [Read More...]

Atheist Group Places Full-Page ‘Constitution Day’ Ad in Newspaper

The Albuquerque chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation bought a full=page ad in today’s Albuquerque Journal marking Constitution Day, the anniversary of when the document was ratified: It’s a response to a full-page ad placed by the Hobby Lobby chain declaring the country a “Christian Nation”: “We feel it is important to respond to [Read More...]