Humanists Hold Congressional Briefing on the Need for Non-Religious Military Chaplains

Earlier today, the American Humanist Association held a congressional briefing about the need for Humanist chaplains in the military.

Speakers included Jason Torpy (President of the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers), Stephen Boyd (retired colonel and military chaplain), and Major Ryan Jean (current military member):

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Tony Dungy Says He Wouldn’t Have Drafted Gay NFL Player Michael Sam, and His Apology Doesn’t Help

It was an exciting moment when University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam was drafted by the St. Louis Rams, potentially becoming the first openly gay person to play in the NFL. (Well, it was exciting for most of us.)

But in a recent interview with The Tampa Tribune‘s Ira Kaufman, former Indianapolis Colts coach (and Super Bowl winner) Tony Dungy said that he wouldn’t have drafted Sam on his team for reasons that have nothing to do with his abilities:

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Secular Invocation Delivered in Eustis, Florida

Last night, David Williamson delivered a secular invocation at a meeting of the Eustis City Commission (in Florida):

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Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Bashes “We Can Do It” Mentality Among Women Because It’s Unbiblical

Here are the rules for a new game I recently invented: Whenever Pastor Steven Anderson releases a video, I click on a random part of it and listen for a minute. If I hear him say something crazy, I post about it. If he doesn’t, I skip it.

Looks like we have a winner with his latest sermon. (Though, with a title like “Attributes of a Godly Woman,” you knew it’d be hard to *not* find gold.)

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LGBT Equality House Across from Westboro Baptist Church Gets an Amazing Discount on New Air Conditioning Unit

You know the Rainbow House across the street from Westboro Baptist Church?

Turns out their air conditioner was broken and it would cost them upwards of $3,000 to replace the system. Thankfully, they got a second opinion from A-Way Heating-Cooling-Electric. Not only did the company fix the problem, all they asked for in return were some homemade cookies:

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