Young Atheist Activists Speak in Alabama

If you weren’t able to go to the Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance (SECAA) and Alabama Atheists & Agnostics (AAA) event this weekend, you missed hearing some great young activists: Jessica Ahlquist, JT Eberhard, and Duncan Henderson. I think Gordon Maples‘ introduction of Jessica is perfect: Some say that she’s an ‘Evil Little Thing‘… and I [Read More...]

A Brilliant Retort from an Atheist, Hidden Away in a Newspaper…

***Edit***: Comments were accidentally turned off on this post, but they’re back on now. My apologies. … Local newspapers love to publish opinion pieces written by community members. It gives the writers a little more investment in the newspaper (“Hey, look! I got published!”) and the newspaper gets free content that tends to generate a [Read More...]

How Important Are the Ten Commandments?

NonStampCollector explains how most of the Commandments are pretty forgettable: [Read more...]

An Atheist’s Epitaph

Beyond the universe there is nothing and within the universe the supernatural does not and cannot exist. Of all deceivers who have plagued mankind, none are so deeply ruinous to human happiness as those impostors who pretend to lead by a light above nature. Science has never killed or persecuted a single person for doubting [Read More...]

Redo the Cranston High School West Banner

Tired of seeing that Cranston High School West banner? Well, Richard Brum created a Banner generator so you can make your own version! It’s almost too easy to use… What can you do with it? [Read more...]