Alabama Atheist Who Opposed City’s “In God We Trust” Display Received Death Threat from Correctional Officer

A couple of weeks ago, several non-Christians spoke to the Mobile County Commission (in Alabama) because the elected officials had voted to put a plaque reading “In God We Trust” in the city’s Administration Building. Despite the opposition, the Commission decided to move forward with the display.

Amanda Scott, a member of the Mobile Atheist Community, was one of the people speaking out against it:

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Christians Should Stop Giving Money to Their Churches if They Don’t Have Enough for Themselves

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why Christians shouldn’t give money to their churches if they don’t have enough for themselves:

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The Unholy Trinity Will Tour Down Under

This past spring, Matt Dillahunty (The Atheist Experience), Seth Andrews (The Thinking Atheist), and AronRa (YouTube) formed what they called the “Unholy Trinity” and went on tour, speaking together in several cities. The events were successful enough that they’ll be doing it again in Australia next year.

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Should Atheist Parents Actively Guard Children Against Religion?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Should atheist parents actively guard children against religion?:

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Comedian Katt Williams Trashes Atheists and the Big Bang Theory in His Latest Special “Priceless: Afterlife”

In 2012, during his stand-up special “Kattpacalypse,” comedian Katt Williams told his audience that they needed to grow up and stop believing in lies.

Like evolution.

(The clip below, and just about everything that follows, is completely NSFW.)

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