College Atheist Group Catches and Confronts Someone Ripping Down Its Flyers

The Southeastern Freethinkers Society at Southeastern Oklahoma State University only formed last spring, but already, they’ve experienced the sort of petty vandalism veteran groups know plenty about.

This week, group leaders created flyers to promote their weekly meetings. The flyers were approved by the office of Student Life, so group members had permission to place them on certain campus bulletin boards.

It features a message that we’ve seen on many atheist billboards: “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone.” That harmless, or dare I say “shocking,” message still rubbed some students the wrong way.

Normally, when you put up flyers, you only notice a day or two later that they’ve been written on or torn down. There’s no evidence and little recourse you can take except to put new flyers up (maybe with a sarcastic message on it reading, “Please don’t tear me down! God is watching you”).

This time, though, group members decided they would monitor the flyers in some of the more popular spots on campus, just to see if they could catch anyone doing the deed.

Turns out they did.

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I Don’t Think I’ll Listen to This Pastor’s Advice

I’ll admit, I tried to listen to this sermon and I got too bored to finish it. So I’ll just leave Rev. Craig Hagin of Rhema Bible Church in Oklahoma with a piece of advice:

Think about what you name your sermons. Otherwise, you’re just giving people like me material.

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Win a Copy of the New iPad Version of the Skeptics Annotated Bible

Earlier this year, I was excited to announce that the Skeptics Annotated Bible — a Bible with annotations marking the contradictions, instances of rape, violence, absurdity, etc. — was finally being made into a print book:

Now, Steve Wells has created an iPhone/iPad edition of his amazing work. You can see some of the screenshots from the app below:

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Really? These Atheist Billboards Are ‘Shocking’?

KEYE-TV in Austin, Texas offered up this headline yesterday, noting that it was their most popular video at the time:

Wow! “Shocking” atheist billboards! What did they say? “God is imaginary”? “Religion is child abuse”? “There is no heaven”?

Nope. It said to atheists, “You’re not alone.”

Talk about freaking out over nothing…

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What Has Religion Done for Us This Month? Episode 10

Daniel is back with another montage of some of the awful things done in the name of God over the past month:

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