Federal Court Overturns Indiana’s Ban on Secular Celebrants Who Want to Perform Weddings

According to Indiana Code 31-11-6-1, only a handful of people are allowed to perform a marriage: members of the clergy, churches themselves, a mayor, a city clerk… but not a Secular Celebrant.

The Center For Inquiry sued the state over this in 2012, saying it was unconstitutional to allow people of faith to be married by their faith leaders, while denying non-religious people the same right to have their marriages performed by a Celebrant.

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A Catholic Doctor in Poland Refused to Perform or Facilitate an Abortion, so Warsaw’s Mayor Fired Him

Finally, some common sense at a Catholic hospital, but it’s not from within the walls.

Abortions are typically banned in Poland, but there are exceptions in certain instances like if the woman’s life is in jeopardy or if the fetus is seriously deformed or unhealthy. In the latter case, an abortion can be obtained only through the second trimester. If a doctor doesn’t want to perform the procedure, s/he must direct the patient to a different doctor who will.

On Wednesday, Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (above) of Poland fired the head of Holy Family Hospital, Dr. Bogdan Chazan, for ignoring those rules. A woman whose fetus had serious health problems wanted to obtain an abortion within the legally allowed timeframe — but Chazan not only refused to perform it, he didn’t tell her about her other options and made her take unnecessary medical tests that pushed her over the legal deadline for the procedure:

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This Church Teaches Evolution Classes Over the Summer, and Creationist Ken Ham is Furious

When 30 kids gather inside a church over the summer, you expect to hear about Vacation Bible School. But the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield (Missouri) does something far more useful:

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Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless Looking for Donations from All 50 States

For nearly five years now, a volunteer group of atheists called Austin Atheists Helping the Homeless has gathered each month to hand out care packages to people in their community who need it the most. Their funding comes entirely from donations and there’s no proselytizing involved (unless you include any signs with the group’s name). [Read More…]

Pope Francis: 1 in 50 Clergy Members Are Pedophiles

Last year, Pope Francis wrote a three-page-long letter that was published in the Italian daily La Repubblica. The letter came in response to two open letters written by the newpaper’s editor, Eugenio Scalfari, a well-known atheist.

At the time, the Pope made headlines because he wrote that God’s mercy was available to atheists, if only they would “obey their conscience.” The media widely reported this as the Pope saying even atheists could go to heaven, though that’s not exactly accurate.

Today, La Repubblica is back in the news. In an hour-long interview with Scalfari, Pope Francis reportedly made what sounded like a shocking admission:

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