Looks Like Chicken…?

I’ve never read The Knight Life before, but maybe I should start… Moral of the comic strip: Changing your baby’s diaper turns you into an atheist. That’s gotta be it. (Thanks to David for the link!) [Read more...]

Speaking in Naperville, IL

For anyone in the vicinity of suburban Chicago, I’ll be giving a talk on Thursday night about math (yeah!) and critical thinking (woo!) for the West Suburban Chicago Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. It takes place at the Naperville Municipal Center. Doors open at 7:00p and the talk starts around [Read More...]

Put Your Junk In That Box

David Hayward points out something we’ve all witnessed: I don’t even think you need the word “Hate” in there. Hell, the people who oppose civil rights for gay people are among the first to say they “love” homosexuals… I’m putting you in that box in my mind the moment you start quoting the Bible to [Read More...]

You Mean They Don’t Believe in a God…? I’m Shocked

What do 50 of the most renowned academic minds have to say about God? Dr. Jonathan Pararajasingham put together a film with their responses. It’s over 30 minutes long, so if there are any particular parts you think we should pay special attention to, please leave the timestamp in the comments! Someone at 3quarksdaily pointed [Read More...]

Anything But an Atheist!

This is a depressing video, but it’s one you’ll want to watch. It’s about how American society has no problem treating atheists like shit. As it says, we’re the “least violent, most tolerant, most intelligent, most progressive” group out there… but we’re also the most hated and mistrusted. There’s discrimination and outright bigotry against us. [Read More...]