Secular Coalition for America Flunks More Than 50% of the U.S. House of Representatives

After failing most of the presidential candidates, the Secular Coalition for America has released its scorecard for the first session of the 112th U.S. House of Representatives. It doesn’t look much better: Grade A: 17 Democrats, 0 Republicans Grade B: 55 Democrats, 0 Republicans Grade C: 110 Democrats, 6 Republicans Grade D: 5 Democrats, 5 [Read More...]

After Surviving a Car Accident, God Doesn’t Need a Thank-You

Neece, a blogger at Heaving Dead Cats, got into a horrible car accident earlier this week: She’s ok, for the most part. Minor injuries. The car… not so much… but after something like that, the car is really the least of your worries. But the reason I’m mentioning it here is because of how grateful [Read More...]

Rhode Island State Senator Beth Moura Really Doesn’t Get It…

Here’s a politician who doesn’t get it… and keeps digging herself into a deeper hole. Yesterday, Republican Rhode Island State Senator Beth Moura tweeted an insult about Jessica Ahlquist, snidely calling her the ‘ACLU’s sweetheart’. That suggests to me that the ACLU manipulated Jessica into fighting this battle, a claim which is not at all [Read More...]

Sensible Voices Emerge in the Wake of the Cranston High School West Saga

This is a video you need to watch. Tuesday night, there was a board meeting for the Cranston School Committee. But instead of focusing on things like the budget, the meeting centered around the banner that Judge Ronald R. Lagueux ordered removed last week. You could point to a lot of ignorant people who spoke [Read More...]

Not a Fan of the Atheist Billboard Designs? Here’s Your Chance to Fix It

Yeah, we’ve heard the complaints before: “As a designer myself, I cringe at what I keep seeing coming from these atheist organizations.” “Ugh, seriously. Billboards don’t have to be graphically hideous to grab your attention.“ “All these examples look pretty low-rent to me.“ “All of these are tacky.” Well, the Mid Ohio Atheists are going [Read More...]