eBay Repeatedly Removes South Carolina Atheist Leader’s Auction to Send Her to Church

Last week, Eve Brannon, the president of the Upstate Atheists in South Carolina, decided to sell her church-going services on eBay so that the highest bidder (presumably a Christian) could get her and her daughter to attend one Sunday morning church service. The money would have been used toward her group’s charity work.

But that was last week.

And three auctions ago.

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Imagine No Religion 4 Conference Taking Place This May

This May, I’ll be joining a stellar group of speakers in Kamloops, British Columbia for the fourth annual Imagine No Religion conference — it’s very exciting for me personally since I haven’t been able to visit Canada in nearly a decade:

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A Short, Excellent Documentary About Non-Believers of Color

Last month, Darrin Johnson created a short-but-fascinating documentary about atheists of color and how they’re portrayed in the media. It features rapper Greydon Square, Nicome Taylor of Black Skeptics Los Angeles, and lawyer Frederick Sparks:

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Why Do Pastors Use Bad Statistics?

Bob Smietana points out something we’ve all known for a long time: When pastors tell you a statistic from the pulpit, you better do some fact-checking of your own.

Like these numbers Pastor Mark Driscoll pulled out of nowhere (or, quite possibly, plagiarized from some other liar):

What percentage of Americans could be classified as evangelical Christian? The answer is around 8%. There are more left handed people, more Texans, and more pet cats than evangelicals in America.

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Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science Names New Executive Director

The first time I heard Robyn Blumner‘s name, it was in conjunction with a 2004 column she had written for the St. Petersburg Times (now called the Tampa Bay Times) in which she outed herself as an atheist:

I don’t expect to be applauded for these views since they are out of step with the majority of Americans, but neither should I be despised for them. Yet, I will be. I can already imagine the torrent of hate mail, with readers accusing me of all sorts of vile human derangements just because I subscribe to reason and logic to explain the world rather than faith.

America is a country steeped in religion and as such I expect to be bombarded by it. I take no issue with the right of religious people to proselytize, to erect houses of worship on every corner or to broadcast their fervor on television and radio. All I ask in return is a little consideration for the millions of us who don’t join in the “good news.

That column was published the same month that Sam HarrisThe End of Faith came out. While columns like that may be commonplace now (at least online), they sure as hell weren’t a decade ago. She was given an award by the Freedom From Religion Foundation later that year for her piece and the conversation it sparked.

Blumner has been a strong advocate for the values shared by many non-theists for years now, having led ACLU affiliates in both Utah and Florida before becoming a columnist. Yesterday, she took perhaps the largest step in our direction, taking on the role of the new Executive Director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science:

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