Mr. Deity Is Introduced to Mormonism

Mr Deity and friends listen to Joseph Smith explain his new religion… Sounds perfectly reasonable. [Read more...]

That’s One Way to Come Out of the Closets

Nick Freeman is preparing to tell his mother he’s gay and an atheist. And he’s doing it by allowing himself to be featured in an article for the North Carolina State University student newspaper: Freeman, a freshman in aerospace engineering, is a member of [Secular Student Alliance] still trying to figure out how to convey [Read More...]

After Boy Scouts Remove Lesbian Den Mother, a Board Member Resigns

Recently, Boy Scout den mother Jennifer Tyrrell was told she could not be her group’s leader anymore because she was a lesbian. If only more people involved with the Boy Scouts of America would do what David Sims, a local BSA board member, did in response on Friday: Resign because of the BSA’s discriminatory ways. [Read More...]

Maybe if the Kid Tells People They’re Going to Hell, They’ll Listen…

It’s bad enough when you’re a Christian preacher who makes crazy statements on a college campus. It’s even worse when you make your kid do your dirty work for you, like one preacher did at The Ohio State University yesteday: Remind me again how this isn’t a form of child abuse? (Thanks to @ANDREW_R_W00D for [Read More...]

Sam Harris Responds to Critics of His ‘Muslim Profiling’ Piece

Sam Harris has responded to some of the criticisms directed his way for his piece on profiling Muslims in the airport: 1. When I speak of profiling “Muslims, or anyone who looks like he or she could conceivably be Muslim,” I am not narrowly focused on people with dark skin. In fact, I included myself [Read More...]