An Anthropology Professor Confronts Campus Preachers… and They Get the Best of Him

James Boster, a professor of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, recently crossed paths with preachers on his campus. They were doing their usual schtick about sin, mixed with a dash of Creationism, and Boster couldn’t help himself. He began arguing with them, tried to preach the gospel of Darwin (my words, not his) to students passing by, and basically made himself look like an asshole in the video below:

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A New Blog for Pastors Who Are Secretly Atheists

The Clergy Project — an online home for about 550 current clergy members who secretly don’t believe in God — is embarking on a very exciting new project.

It stems from the fact that we don’t usually hear anything about these secretive members until they’re ready to announce to the world that they don’t believe in God. (Teresa MacBain and Jerry DeWitt are “graduates” of the project.)

That’s about to change. Clergy Project members who are not out to the world yet will now have a chance to share their thoughts in the public square, writing for a new Patheos blog called Rational Doubt:

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Saying Goodbye to Unreasonable Faith

After nearly six years of blogging at Unreasonable Faith (with help from Vorjack more recently), Daniel Florien is ready to move on to other projects.

In his final post, he reflects on the experience:

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Pat Robertson Tells Man in Near-Sexless Marriage His Wife Was Probably “Molested as a Child”

Oh, Pat Robertson… who are these people who write to you for advice? Who thinks he should be answering questions about, of all things, sex?

Some guy named Jason does, and he wants to know what he should do about the lack of sex in his marriage:

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The Real Problem with Female Masturbation is That Evangelicals Are Too Sex-Negative To Talk About It Honestly

The evangelical Christian take on masturbation is usually pretty simple: Don’t do it. Don’t touch yourself. Don’t even think about touching yourself. There’s something wrong with you if you do it. Pastor Mark Driscoll even went so far as to say it basically amounted to homosexuality (*gasp*) because it was a sexual act that didn’t involve a woman and did involve you touching a penis.

But that’s all referring to male masturbation. They typically don’t even want to acknowledge that women may want to touch themselves, too.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Jordan Monge‘s article in Christianity Today in which she discusses female masturbation. Finally, a sensible take on the matter, right?

Not even close.

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