The Importance of Fact-Checking and Following-Up

At the Secular Student Alliance conference earlier this month, I spoke about the need for atheists to fact-check the statements and statistics we love to cite (like the atheists-in-prison data) and follow-up with the stories we care about.

Video of that talk is now online:

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Where Are You on the A/gnostic A/theist Grid?

Pablo Stanley created this helpful visual to explain the differences between a/gnostic a/theists:

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Ireland Must Get Rid of Its Blasphemy Law

Right now, Ireland is in the midst of a Constitutional Convention and they’re considering a change to the blasphemy law.

Michael Nugent, the chair of Atheist Ireland, makes a strong case for why that law must be repealed in The Journal:

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What Does Science Offer the World?

Scientist Dennis R. Trumble believes science offers us more than just great technology and more comfortable lives: It teaches us to unshackle ourselves from preconceived notions by following the evidence and encourages us to think more critically.

Trumble believes, as many of us do, that to raise a child to be ignorant of science (a la home-schooling Creationist parents) does far more damage than we might think.

His new book exploring this issue is called The Way of Science: Finding Truth and Meaning in a Scientific Worldview (Prometheus Books, 2013):

In the excerpt below, reprinted with permission of the publishers, Trumble discusses the lessons we learn from science (Keep reading afterwards for your chance to win a copy of the book!):

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Kansas City Atheists Want to Raise Funds for Local Charity After It Was Robbed

Last week, volunteers with the Mattie Rhodes Center (a non-profit charity in Missouri) were cleaning up graffiti in the community. But when they arrived at their site on Friday, the garage where they stored all their supplies had been broken into — leaving them without $800 worth of paint and art supplies.

The Kansas City Atheist Coalition is trying to help them raise the missing funds, so if you’d like to chip in, you can do so here:

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