Some Latinos, Fearing a Donald Trump Presidency, Are Turning to Psychics for Comfort

People often visit psychics, tarot card readers, and other pseudoscience peddlers when they’re depressed or in need of answers. For Latinos right now, that means consulting with fortune tellers about a potential Donald Trump victory.


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Guam Law Ending Statute of Limitations on Sex Abuse Cases Could Force Church Into Bankruptcy

On Friday, the Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, signed a bill removing the statute of limitations on child sex abuse charges for civil cases (but not criminal ones). That means many people who were molested by their priests decades ago can now sue the Church even if it was “too late” before.

Church leaders are freaking out because — wait for it — this could lead to bankruptcy.


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Pope Francis Voices Supports for Mexican Marchers in Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

Pope Francis — Mr. Who-Am-I-To-Judge — made clear where he stands on marriage equality over the weekend. Turns out the Pope is still Catholic.


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Anti-Scientology Film Won’t Be Seen in Ireland Because Distributors Fear the Nation’s Blasphemy Law

Filmmaker Louis Theroux premiered his latest documentary, My Scientology Movie, nearly a year ago to overwhelmingly positive reviews. Failing to get cooperation from the Church itself, the film is all about how Theroux tries to hire actors to recreate infamous scenes witnessed by former Scientologists, only to have the actual Church come after him for doing that.

But good luck trying to see it in Ireland. Theroux’s team can’t find a single distributor to help release the film… and that may be because they’re all afraid of running afoul of the nation’s absurd blasphemy law.


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The Book of Exodus… As Explained By An Atheist

YouTuber Alex J. O’Connor (a.k.a. CosmicSkeptic) gives us a brief rundown of the Book of Exodus. Because Bible studies are much more interesting when atheists run them.


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