Pastor Lance Wallnau: I Know a Gay Man Who Turned Straight Because He Ate “Anointed Cake”

Pastor Lance Wallnau, who never met a conspiracy theory he couldn’t embrace, now says a man was “cured” of his homosexuality because he ate a special piece of cake.


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This is Incredible Time Lapse Footage of Cell Division in a Tadpole Egg

Every now and then, you see a science video that reaffirms just how amazing the subject is.


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Atheists Sue Texas Judge Over His Coercive Christian Prayers at Hearings

A Texas judge who has been praying at hearings for years — making the people in his courtroom feel excluded, awkward, and weary of getting real justice if they don’t participate — is finally getting sued by a group of atheists.


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Iowa Bill Would Allow Unlicensed Educators at Residential School to Teach Creationism

If House Study Bill 186 becomes law in Iowa, a “private residential program for troubled youths in Fort Dodge” could have unlicensed educators teaching an unaccredited curriculum to students in its care.


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E.W. Jackson: If After School Satan Clubs Exist, Public Schools Must Promote Christianity

Because After School Satan clubs are allowed to exist at public schools, conservative Pastor E. W. Jackson thinks that public schools ought to be preaching Christianity during the day. That means mandatory prayers and Bible readings.


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