The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Says Gay People Should Apologize to Him

After Pope Francis said, in his usual roundabout way, that gay people deserved an apology from the Catholic Church, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League wasn’t having it. Instead, he wants gay people to apologize to him.


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Hallelujah! Colorado State Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt Lost His Bid for State Senate

After two years as a Colorado State Representative, Gordon Klingenschmitt, the conservative Christian TV host whose public comments have bordered on obscene, just lost his bid to become a State Senator.

I guess he didn’t pray hard enough.

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Atheist Group Will Put Up Digital Billboard in Mississippi: “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation”

If you want to educate religious voters about the importance of church/state separation, heading to Mississippi is a good start. And that’s where the Freedom From Religion Foundation will put up this digital billboard over the month of July.


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Listen to Carl Sagan Do a Voiceover for Grand Theft Auto V

It turns out Carl Sagan sounds great narrating anything… even Grand Theft Auto V. Somehow.


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Here’s a Neat Idea: An Open House for Atheists

An atheist group in Lancaster, Pennsylvania came up with a simple way to introduce themselves to like-minded people in the area: They requested space at a local library and held an “open house” so atheists could learn about them and other national groups:


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