What We Need to Remember About Jack Chick and His Infamous Tracts

In a video marking the death of Jack Chick, Seth Andrews summarizes what Chick tracts were and why they were such reprehensible ways of bringing people to Christianity:


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WorldNetDaily Founder: The Real “Deplorables” Are Atheists, Muslims, and Women Who Have Abortions

WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah wants you to know that Hillary Clinton has her own basket of deplorable supporters. And they include all of us.


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I Used To Be Extremely Pro-Life, and Even I Know Donald Trump Doesn’t Understand How Abortion Works

Donald Trump’s remarks about abortion during the third presidential debate showed that he doesn’t understand the procedure at all. There was a time I might have fallen for his lies, but I know better now.


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Middle School Student Was Late to Class Because She Found God, Says Dad’s Sarcastic Note

Reader Steven, a middle school teacher, writes that one of his students walked into class a bit tardy with this note from her father.


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Someone Vandalized Arizona’s “ATHEIST” License Plate

Reader Tim happens to have the “ATHEIST” license plate in Arizona. It was never a problem for him until this past weekend, when someone got all bent out of shape about it… and literally bent it out of shape.


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