Todd Starnes Lies About Texas School “Censoring” Poster That Illegally Promoted Christianity

Fox News propagandist Todd Starnes‘ latest headline claims that a Texas school censored a poster featuring a scene from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” arguing that this is political correctness run amok. As usual, the facts don’t back him up.


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A Christian Charity for Needy Kids, Following God’s Advice, Refused Donations from a Local Bar

A Christian charity that offers low-priced Christmas gifts to families that can’t afford anything else refused to take donations collected at a local bar, because they didn’t want to have any ties with alcohol.


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Creationist Ken Ham: Scientists Have Changed Their Minds Before, Therefore Evolution Is False

This morning, Creationist Ken Ham went on a Twitter tirade about how science (real science, not the kind he believes in) is a joke because it self-corrects over time.


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Conservative Christian Groups Condemn Highlights Magazine for Treating Gay Couples As Normal

Multiple conservative Christian groups are calling for a boycott of Highlights, the magazine for kids, because the editors plan to feature gay and lesbian couples on their pages the same way they do straight couples. And treating those people as human beings goes against everything these Christian groups stand for.


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Scientists Found a 99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tail Trapped in Amber. What Will Creationists Say?

According to an article published yesterday in the journal Current Biology, scientists have discovered a part of a dinosaur’s tail preserved in amber that’s approximately 99 million years old.


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