After School Satan Clubs May Be Popping Up in Your Local Elementary School

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, talks about how After School Satan clubs may be coming to a district near you.


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Just Because ISIS Recruits Aren’t Islamic Scholars Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Swayed By Religion

A report from the Associated Press claimed that the earliest ISIS recruits actually knew very little about Islam. But does that mean religion had nothing to do with their manipulation? On the contrary, it’s all the more reason we must speak out against religion and irrational thinking.


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Christian Activist: Vote for Donald Trump Because It Could Mean “Life or Death for Millions”

Christian activist Janet Porter wants you to vote for Donald Trump and she’s going to guilt you into it. Referring to Trump’s apparent plan to eradicate abortion rights, she says that millions of unborn babies are relying on a Trump presidency for their survival. (And so is God.)


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BYU Has Altered Its Awful Policy Affecting Students Who Leave the Mormon Church While in School

Brigham Young University has a policy that singles out students who leave the Mormon Church while attending school. Instead of simply treating them the same way they do non-Mormons, ex-Mormons are punished much more severely. That policy has now changed — just a bit — but the school refuses to acknowledge FreeBYU’s role in making that happen.


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Oklahoma Voters Will Soon Decide Whether To Allow a Ten Commandments Display on Capitol Grounds

Oklahoma voters are one step closer to deciding whether religious displays, like the Ten Commandments monument that stood on the Capitol grounds until last year, should be legal in the state.


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