FDA Issues Warnings to 14 Companies Selling Products That Fraudulently Claim to Treat Cancer

People who buy these products are wasting their money and getting nothing substantive in return, while possibly ignoring the informed opinions of doctors who actually understand the disease.


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Here’s How to Respond to the Anti-Gay “Day of Dialogue”

Tomorrow marks the annual Focus on the Family-sponsored “Day of Dialogue” in which participants can tell their LGBT classmates why they’re going to hell. But you can respond by giving them this card.


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Bryan Fischer, Who Clearly Didn’t Read the Bible, Thinks Christians Can’t Add to the Word of God

Bryan Fischer slammed Mormonism and Islam for doing the very thing Christianity is built upon.


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This is the Saddest Planned Parenthood Protest I’ve Ever Seen

Even Pastor Greg Locke referred to his protest as “anti-climactic.”

So I guess I was wrong. He doesn’t lack all self-awareness.


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These Seminary Leaders Thought Posing Like Gangstas and Sharing the Image Online Would Be Hilarious

This is the sort of thing that only happens to people who live in a bubble.


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