Christian Right Leader: The U.S. Is “Doing the Same Thing” As ISIS By Permitting Abortions

ISIS beheads people. ISIS throws gay people off of buildings. ISIS stones women to death if they are accused of adultery. And according to Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney who represented Kim Davis, those atrocities are no different than allowing women to have abortions.


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Norway’s Largest Church Now Allows People to Opt Out Online, and Thousands Have Already Done It

After Norway’s evangelical Lutheran Church launched a website to make it easier to track members — a site that also allowed them to opt out of the Church altogether — more than 15,000 people chose to leave for good. (And that’s just in the first week.)

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UK Christian Group Says “Turning Gay” Didn’t Help Struggling Olympic Diver

Tom Daley is the British diver who failed to qualify for the finals in the Olympics’ Men’s 10m platform diving competition despite scoring highest in the preliminary round. It was just a rough day for him. The dives didn’t go his way. But the UK-based advocacy group Christian Voice rubbed it in with a dose of homophobia, suggesting that his sexual orientation didn’t do him any favors.


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Ben-Hur, the Faith-Based Epic That Cost $100 Million to (Re)Make, Flopped at the Box Office

Ben-Hur, the remake of the classic 1959 film about a merchant living in the time of Jesus, flopped over the weekend, raking in just $11 million (and an addition $10 million worldwide), a mere dent in its $100 million budget.


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Joy Reid to Guest Lying About Birtherism: “Even a Pastor Cannot Just Make Things Up On This Show”

Over the weekend, AM Joy host Joy Reid wouldn’t let Pastor Darrell Scott get away with the lie that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, began the birther conspiracy theory against President Obama. She held his feet to the fire and it made for great television.


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