When You Change the Bible This Way, It All Makes Sense

Who knew the Bible made complete sense if you just altered the very beginning?


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(The First) 39 Problems with the Noah’s Ark Story

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 39 problems with the Noah’s Ark story.


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I Don’t Remember Learning About That in Sunday School…

Why would they let the Atheist Pig teach Sunday School? He knows too much about the Bible to make the church happy.


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Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Guest: Muslims Are All “Demon-Possessed” Radicals

Televangelist Jim Bakker had radio host Rick Wiles as a guest on his show on Friday, and Wiles did everything he could to freak the audience out regarding the Muslims in their midst:


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California City Council Will No Longer Consider Giving $2.5 Million Grant to Catholic High School

For some reason, the Santa Ana City Council in California was considering giving $2.5 million to a Catholic high school to help them construct a new building and parking garage.

But after a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, that option is off the table.


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