A Possible Science Advisor to Donald Trump Called Noah’s Ark Theme Park “Amazing”

There’s some speculation by right-wing websites that Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican Congressman from Kentucky, could become either the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy or the next Secretary of Energy. It would be a disturbing pick by Donald Trump (surprise!) in part because Massie denies the science behind climate change. It’s also disturbing because of what Massie said about the anti-evolution Ark Encounter theme park.


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James Randi: Donald Trump “Doesn’t Know Anything” and Is Just a “Blowhard With a Bad Wig”

Magician and atheist James Randi said Saturday that he is “depressed” over the results of the recent election, saying President-elect Donald Trump “doesn’t know anything.”

Randi, who is well-known for his criticisms of religion and supernatural fraudsters of all stripes, told me during a Skype interview that Trump is “a blowhard with a bad wig.”


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Christian Homeschooling Advocate: “The Only Reason Math Works Is That Jesus Created It”

Religious controversies in public education tend to arise when we’re talking about Christians pushing Creationism in science class or arguing over banned books in English. But Israel Wayne, the director of Family Renewal and an advocate of faith-based home-schooling, wants to make math the next educational battlefield.


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North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Governor Pat McCrory Finally Concedes Race to Democrat Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, the Republican whose anti-LGBT legislation turned his state into a national symbol for bigotry, has finally conceded his re-election bid to opponent Roy Cooper. It’s a bit of good news in an otherwise disastrous election cycle.


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Satanic Activist Swaps “Distress-ivus” Pole’s Upside-Down American Flag for Trump-less MAGA Banner

Just days after Satanic activist and provocateur Chaz Stevens put up an anti-Donald Trump display outside of Deerfield Beach, Florida (right next to a Nativity scene also on the government property), he says he’s being forced to change it.


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