Christian Leader: I “Rebuked” Death and Resurrected a Comatose Woman

Mary Colbert, a “Christian leader” with ties to Donald Trump, recently told a story about how she and her husband met a comatose woman in a hospital and brought her back to life!

There’s no evidence of any of this, of course, but if she said it, it has to be true, right?


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Ark Encounter: The Media is Lying in All Those Stories They Accurately Reported

Press releases are supposed to clear up confusion regarding a story.

But this statement by the Creationists at Answers in Genesis only confirms what reporters and critics have been saying about them this whole time.


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TX Man Blames Devil After Getting Caught, Without Pants, in Child’s Bedroom

When the victim’s mother offered to pray with the man, he said the devil had disappeared.


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Justin Bieber Canceled His World Tour So He Could Spend More Time with Jesus

If your bad boy/sex symbol reputation is fading away, you might as well reinvent yourself as a wholesome Christian heartthrob.


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Miss Teen USA Contestant, a “Devout Christian,” Clearly Hasn’t Read the Bible

If you’re bragging to reporters about your devout Christian faith, it might help to cover up the tattoo that violates a Bible verse.


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