Creationist Ken Ham’s New Exhibit Will Show Humans Battling Giants and Dinosaurs in a Large Arena

You know what Ark Encounter needs? More nonsense.


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An Alabama Church’s Desire to Create Its Own Police Force Raises a Lot of Constitutional Concerns

Does the state have authority over this police force, especially if something goes wrong? If they do, are they getting entangled in a church matter?


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A NC Legislator Tweets Bible Verses, So Atheists Are Responding With Even More Disturbing Ones

North Carolina State Sen. Joyce Krawiec has a habit of using her Twitter account to promote Bible verses. It became a bit of a game yesterday when atheists began tweeting back not-so-wholesome Bible verses of their own.


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NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving: “This Is Not Even a Conspiracy Theory… The Earth Is Flat”

In case you’re wondering what NBA star Kyrie Irving thinks about the shape of the planet, you’re in luck!


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A CA Elected Official’s Slight Change to the Pledge of Allegiance is Driving Some People Crazy

The Pledge has changed more than once over the years and there’s no reason it can’t change again. At least this supervisor’s change makes it more accurate.


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