Breaking Free from the Church

In 2010, Pastor David Hayward (a.k.a. nakedpastor) left the ministry after 30 years. He didn’t become an atheist, but he was tired of so much of what Christianity had become and his personal theology didn’t match that of other church leaders. In the midst of his cartoons, many of which I’ve featured on this site, he also began drawing “Sophia,” a woman who represented his own journey away from the church. I’m thrilled that he’s compiled those drawings, along with his own “meditations” in a book called The Liberation of Sophia:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 6: Sarah Pulliam Bailey

Our latest podcast guest is Sarah Pulliam Bailey, a national correspondent for Religion News Service:

Sarah previously served as online editor of Christianity Today, where she interviewed people like Barack Obama in the midst of his 2008 campaign, Mike Huckabee, Malcolm Gladwell, Condoleezza Rice, and Tim Tebow. She’s also a former contributor to the excellent Get Religion blog on Patheos, a site that critiques stories about religion in the media.

We spoke with Sarah about the state of journalism, what it’s like to run a newspaper at an evangelical Christian college, and why Democrats seem afraid to reach out to non-religious voters.

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Another Pastafarian Gets His Drivers License with a Colander on His Head

When Chris Vannote went to get his driver’s license earlier this month, he just had one request: He wanted to wear his religious headgear in the picture, following in the footsteps of his fellow Pastafarians.

He receive a few stares during the two hours at the DMV, but I’m happy to say they gave him no trouble! And this is now a real license in California:

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Christian Candidate for TN County Commission Slams Muslim Opponent for Not Being Patriotic Enough

Zak Mohyuddin (below) is running for a seat on the Coffee County Commission in Tennessee, but his opponent Mark Kelly is using Mohyuddin’s Muslim faith as a weapon against him, claiming he’s not patriotic like the good Christian Kelly:

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Creationist Ken Ham: We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell

One of the criticisms of Creationism (besides the whole “it’s wrong” thing) is that it stifles curiosity. “God did it” not only doesn’t answer anything, it stops you from seeking out actual answers.

Science, on the other hand, is all about searching and explaining the unknown. The answers we seek may not be discovered anytime soon, but that’s part of the process. That’s why we explore space and search for extraterrestrial life. Who knows what we’ll find?!

Creationist Ken Ham doesn’t understand any of this. He thinks he knows the real reason we go into space:

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