A Crash Course in Existentialism

In this short video featuring Hank Green, we get a brief introduction to Existentialism. And if hearing that word makes you yawn, stop that and watch this!


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Christian Asylum Seekers Are Being Turned Away in Britain If They Can’t Recite the Ten Commandments

Refugees attempting to make their move to Britain a little smoother by claiming to be Christian are allegedly being turned away if they can’t recite the Ten Commandments:


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Analyzing the “Bunker Videos” from This Year’s Jehovah’s Witnesses Regional Conferences

In his latest video picking apart the messages coming out of this summer’s Jehovah’s Witnesses regional conferences, Lloyd Evans explains and analyzes the “bunker videos.”

There are eight short films in the series, each of which explores “sins” like not accepting criticism well, watching something porn-like on your phone, and dealing with depression.


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Christian Hate Group Leader Slams President Obama for Using the Bible to Justify LGBT Compassion

According to Christian hate group leader Tony Perkins, it’s disgusting that President Obama points to the Bible to justify his compassion for LGBT people, especially since we know damn well the Bible tells us to discriminate against them.


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A Slightly Reworded Census Question May Soon Shift the Balance of Religious Power in Australia

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics prepares for the upcoming 2016 census taking place this August, they’ve changed the way they ask people for their religious affiliation.

Now’s a good time for religious groups to start freaking out.

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