Expected Highway Expansion for Noah’s Ark Theme Park Left Out of Kentucky House Construction Plan

Because the Noah’s Ark theme park is slated to open this summer, the officials in Williamstown, Kentucky have been counting on its success as they plan out their budgets. In fact, four years ago, they specifically listed an $11 million highway widening on I-75 (at the Ark Encounter exit) to accommodate all the extra traffic they were expecting. You can see it in the town plan on p. 104.


That money was in the state’s original road construction plan for the near future… but suddenly, the Ark Encounter Highway money isn’t there anymore. And the Republican who requested it is blaming the Democrat-led House for trying to screw over God:

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Homophobia Exists Even Among Brilliant Scientists

You expect to see elements of homophobia at churches or schools full of immature kids. But not when a group of scientists get together. What could they possibly have against expressions of LGBT pride?

That’s why it’s surprising to see what’s happening at CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider and many brilliant minds:


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Televangelist Jim Bakker Compares Bernie Sanders to Adolf Hitler

Presumably taking a break from selling giant buckets o’ food, televangelist Jim Bakker explained his latest conspiracy theory last week. He said there’s a movement in the public schools to turn students against the country, and that’s why so many young people support Bernie Sanders.

And that makes us like Nazi Germany.

Which makes Sanders (a Jewish man) just like Hitler.


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Text Messages Reveal Religion’s Role in Why a High School Principal Hired a Certain Football Coach

In 2014, the head coach of the Mooresville High School football team in North Carolina, Hal Capps, was told he could no longer lead his players in prayer. It was illegal, and he faced a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation if he kept it up. He promised to stop and some of the players vowed to keep the prayers going (as they had the right to do).


If you were going to hire Capps to be your school’s new football coach, then, surely the interview would involved asking him about his mistake. Could he respect church/state separation?

That’s not what Seneca High School (South Carolina) Principal Cliff Roberts asked. Instead, Roberts hired Capps earlier this year via a text message conversation that appeared to center around their mutual love of Christ.

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Don’t #PrayForBrussels. Here’s What You Can Do Instead

Attorney Andrew Seidel takes issue with those suggesting prayer is what’s needed most in Brussels right now. If you’d like to respond in a meaningful way, there are other options:


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