Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Theme Park Will Only Hire Young Earth Creationists

With the Noah’s Ark Theme Park scheduled to open in a couple of months, it’s time for Ken Ham and his staff at Answers in Genesis to begin hiring staff to handle accounting, concessions, guest services, etc.


As you might recall, a judge ruled earlier this year that Answers in Genesis would be allowed to discriminate in hiring even if they ultimately received tax incentives worth up to $18 million. The “No Jews” sign wouldn’t prevent them from having access to the cash.

Now, a local critic of the ministry is wondering how far they’ll take that discrimination. Will Catholics be hired? What about Protestants who don’t accept Young Earth Creationism?

Short answer: No.

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If Scientists Showed Up at Your Doorstep Like Jehovah’s Witnesses…

… well, you’d still be pretty annoyed.


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Credit Where It’s Due: Answers in Genesis Has an Amusing 404 Page

This is old news. I just hadn’t seen it before.

For all the (deserved) grief we give Answers in Genesis, the group behind the Creation Museum, the 404 page on their website is pretty entertaining:


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We Have a Pinterest Page!

Did you know we have a Pinterest page?

We do! And we just made it so that all posts on this site will appear on a special board for people who prefer sharing stories through there.


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To Those Complaining About Trans People Wanting to Use the Appropriate Bathrooms…

There are plenty of people, including too many politicians, who still don’t understand why these “bathroom bills” are so problematic.


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