Podcast Ep. 106: Jeremy Runnells, Ex-Mormon and Author of the CES Letter

Our latest podcast guest is Jeremy Runnells, author of the infamous CES Letter which debunks the lies of the Mormon Church.


Jeremy was raised in the Church of Latter Day Saints as a 6th generation Mormon. He went on his two year mission. He graduated from BYU. He was an Eagle Scout. But in 2012, he began doubting some of his beliefs. He was asked by a Church Educational System (or CES) director to share his concerns. Jeremy did that in what became known as the Letter to a CES Director, or the CES letter. It is a damning document that exposes so many holes in the Mormon faith and it quickly went viral online, giving a lot of people reason to leave the Church themselves. And then, earlier this year, wouldn’t you know it, Church officials began a process to kick him out. Before they could excommunicate him for good in April, Jeremy announced he was resigning from the Mormon Church himself. He wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of kicking him out.

We spoke with Jeremy about what led him to start doubting his faith, how the “Mormon moment” from a few years ago has come to an end, and why he left the Church before it could get rid of him.

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Bryan Fischer in 2011: Black People on Welfare “Rut Like Rabbits.” Fischer Now: I Never Said That!

On his radio show Friday, Christian bigot Bryan Fischer reminisced about the time the Washington Post didn’t fact-check a story with him. As he explained, there was a time when people were spreading the rumor that he said black people on welfare “rut like rabbits” so they can get more government handouts. He would never say something like that, he told his audience.


Fischer, as usual, is lying (in the name of Jesus).

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Saturday Night Live‘s Church Lady Grills Ted Cruz and “Orange Mannequin” Donald Trump

Yesterday’s Saturday Night Live saw the return of Church Lady, interviewing Donald Trump and a man better known as “Lucifer in the flesh.”


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Ohio Girl Says Her Teacher Stopped Her from Reading the Bible; District Says That’s Not True

A third grader at Gorsuch West Elementary School in Lancaster, Ohio says that her substitute teacher wouldn’t let her read the Bible during independent reading time:


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Someone Set Up a Gubernatorial Campaign Website for Disgraced Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore recently got suspended after attempting to obstruct same-sex couples from getting marriage licenses, and some commentators noted that being removed from the bench could serve him well. After all, there’s a gubernatorial election in two years, and Moore is now free to run for the highest office in the state. (He’s run for governor twice before, but as his Christian Persecution platform gets larger, the path to victory becomes a little more clear.)

And wouldn’t you know it, someone did him the favor of setting up a campaign website at RoyMooreForGovernor.com:


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