Another Candidate for Arizona State House Comes Out as an Atheist

Arizona seems to be the state where atheist politicians come out to play.

This month, we’ve already seen candidacy announcements from atheists Cara Prior (State House) and Scott Prior (State Senate).

We can now add Athena Salman to that list. She’s running for the seat currently held by another atheist politician Juan Mendez, who will be running for State Senate himself.


Speaking to the Secular Student Alliance at Arizona State University this week, Salman went public with her own atheism as she told the group that she would be running for the State House in District 26. Mendez sat next to her as she gave her speech.

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The Nightly Show Addresses Its Infuriating Panel Discussion About Water on Mars

A few months ago, The Nightly Show hosted a panel discussion about the implications of finding water on Mars. It featured host Larry Wilmore, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and two comedians.

It could have been a great conversation. Instead, the comedians kept interrupting Nye’s explanation of what was happening on Mars with really stupid attempts at jokes.

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An Atheist Delivered a Sermon at a Methodist Church About the Importance of Love and Acceptance

Over the weekend, atheist Darren Garvin was given a chance to address the congregation at The Bridge, a United Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington.

He used the opportunity to talk about love. And how denying that love to LGBT people is part of what prompted him to leave his faith.


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Heaven? Hell? Nothing? She Prefers to “Let the Mystery Be”

I’d never heard this song by singer Iris Dement before, but Lauren Hoffman‘s cover of “Let The Mystery Be” is wonderful:


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Bryan Fischer Says Abortions Are “Like Food for Demons”

Atheists may love to eat babies, but who knew the Devil preferred the unborn?

Christian Right leader Bryan Fischer explained it all on his radio show yesterday:


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