As Her Sainthood Approaches, Let’s Remember Mother Teresa’s Disturbing Legacy

A Catholic nun recently wrote an article deriding all those critics of Mother Teresa, chief among them, the late Christopher Hitchens.

The title of that piece is, “5 Responses to the Ridiculous Rancor of Some Toward Mother Teresa,” though the URL gives away what appears to be the original title: “5 Responses to the Ridiculous Reasons Some Atheists Hate Mother Teresa.”

We don’t hate her, of course. Many atheists who have looked into her legacy simply don’t buy into all the hype.


But given that Mother Teresa is set to be canonized, Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble wants to debunk all the so-called myths about her — like the notion that she mismanaged money and enjoyed suffering.

Thankfully, Godless Mom does an excellent job of providing a response to all of her claims.

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Mississippi Governor Signs “Guns in Church” Bill (Because God’s Protection Isn’t Enough)

Last month, the Secular Coalition for America ran a March Madness-like bracket contest to decide the “Worst State Bill” in America.

The “winner”? Mississippi’s House Bill 786, which would allow churches to create a security team with lethal power in order to kill possible intruders. Members of that team would then be “immune from civil liability” in case anything went wrong.

Yesterday, Gov. Phil Bryant signed that bill into law.


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The University of South Carolina Football Team Has Finally Cut Ties With the Team Chaplain

Last fall, the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a damning report claiming that “Christian coaches and chaplains are converting football fields into mission fields.”

They were highlighting the fact that a lot of public university athletic coaches don’t even hide the fact that they want to convert their players. They’ll bring chaplains on board, perform baptisms right on the field, or lead the team in prayers before a game. It’s not legal, but it happens everywhere.

Maybe that pressure’s finally working, because the University of South Carolina just got rid of its team chaplain:


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Hey, Bill Nye: Please Don’t Debate Sarah Palin on Climate Change

For the past couple of days, rumors have been flying around on the internet that Bill Nye would be “debating” Sarah Palin after a screening of the film Climate Hustle, the work of climate change-denier Marc Morano.

The debate, as you might have figured out, was never going to happen. Nye wasn’t even going to be on the post-screening panel, much less arguing about the subject with Palin. Nye’s appearance was limited to being shown in a clip from the movie.

But now that the rumor is spreading, Nye seems to think this would actually be a good idea, tweeting this yesterday:

Bill Nye Debate Palin

That sound you hear is the collective groan of sensible people everywhere…

Let me walk you through my entire thought process after hearing Nye was interested.

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Bill Maher on Taxing Churches: We Shouldn’t Have to “Subsidize a Myth That We’re Not Buying Into”

On last night’s episode of Real Time, Bill Maher made the case for why we should tax the churches:


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