Should Babies Be Considered Atheists? Depends on Your Definition of the Word

Once again, Richard Dawkins is being criticized for something he never meant — by someone who’s actually on the same side as him.

On Twitter this week, Dawkins posted this perfectly sensible comment:

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Tallahassee Atheist Calls on City Commission To Do Away with Invocation Prayers

Wednesday night, during a meeting of the Tallahassee (Florida) City Commission, atheist Peter Wood called on the elected officials to do away with their invocation prayers:

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Richard Dawkins Isn’t Wrong to Call Religious Beliefs Childish

Richard Dawkins does what a lot of us atheists do: He calls out bullshit as he sees it. He’s not afraid of tipping over sacred cows. In the process, he gets a lot of criticism because, let’s face it, no one wants to be told they believe in a lie, and he’s the most high-profile atheist out there.

Deborah Orr, writing for the Guardian, is one of those critics (despite being an atheist herself). And her explanation of why Dawkins goes too far is just flawed in so many ways:

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Hobby Lobby Fined More Than $220,000 for Deceptive Advertising in New York

The Christian-owned Hobby Lobby is in the news for something not related to screwing employees out of comprehensive health insurance.

Turns out they advertised several items as being on sale… but when those items are never *not* on sale, it’s not really a sale at all. It’s false advertising. And New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman finally clamped down on them:

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A Documentary About Financial Corruption in Black Churches

Here’s a trailer for what looks to be a fascinating documentary about corruption in several black churches, where ministers get rich off the congregation all in the name of the Lord.

It’s called Black Church, Inc. (Moguldom Studios):

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