Bangladeshi Prime Minister: Criticism of Religion is “Filthy”; “Why Should We Tolerate That?”

It’s bad enough that, after the murder of Bangladeshi atheist blogger Nazimuddin Samad, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that Samad’s writings “needed to be scrutinized to see whether he wrote anything objectionable about religion.”


It’s even worse when the leader of the country echoes that same sentiment.

During a celebration of the Bengali New Year today, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated that criticism of religion was not to be tolerated:

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TN Legislators May Not Be Diverting Funds from University’s Budget to Buy “In God We Trust” Decals

Last month, we learned that Tennessee Republican State Rep. Micah Van Huss (below) wanted to strip a total of $436,722 from the University of Tennessee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion — which is all the state funding they would get over a few years — and use the money to buy “In God We Trust” decals for law enforcement agencies.

Because why spend money on education when you can use it to promote Christianity?

Micha Van Huss

But the Senate’s version of the bill will contain an important amendment.

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Fox News Host: The “National Day of Reason” Resolution Shows the “Downward Decline of This Nation”

The pundits at Fox News Channel are furious that legislators have proposed a purely symbolic resolution calling for a National Day of Reason in response to the National Day of Prayer.

House Res. 670, which was encouraged by the American Humanist Association and introduced by Rep. Mike Honda (D-CA) and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, merely says we should employ “reason, critical thought, the scientific method, and free inquiry to the resolution of human problems and for the welfare of human kind.”

But thinking critically goes against everything the people at Fox stand for, so the hosts of Outnumbered had to complain about it.


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Watch Gov. John Kasich Awkwardly Explain the Bible to a Group of Talmudic Scholars

If you’re having an awkward day, just remember: It could be worse. Like the other day, when Gov. John Kasich explained basic Bible stories to a group of Orthodox Jewish scholars who study this stuff day in and day out.


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Adventures in Jesus-Martyr Super-Victimland

13 - Jesus-Martyr Super-Victimland Flattened2Thumbnail

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