Jehovah’s Witness Worksheet for Kids Instructs Them to Give Their Money to the Watchtower Society

A new activity sheet for children released by the Jehovah’s Witnesses urges children to take their money through a maze in order to give it to the Watchtower Society.


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Sex Offenders Can Be Nice Guys: How Making Jared Fogle a Monster Encourages Abusers

Put away your pitchforks for a minute and hear me out. We’ve all seen it happen and maybe even participated in the diatribe ourselves. A convicted sex offender is sentenced and the shouts of “Monster!” and “You deserve what you’ll get in prison!” (and worse) erupt from our networks.

Just yesterday, we learned that Jared Fogle (former spokesman for Subway) was assaulted in prison, where he’s serving time for possessing child pornography and engaging in “commercial sex acts with underage minors,” as the government filing put it. My friends (theists and atheists alike, incidentally) gleefully cheered the “justice” and “karma being served.” Twitter, as you might expect, was also ablaze in celebration:


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A Year Later, Three Men Are Still in a Myanmar Jail for Posting a Picture of Buddha on Facebook

It was a year ago today that New Zealander Philip Blackwood and his colleagues Tun Thurein and Htut Ko Ko Lwin were sentenced to jail in Myanmar because they posted on Facebook an image of Buddha wearing headphones in order to promote their new bar:

Seriously. For that image, they’re still in jail. And performing manual labor as an added punishment.

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Alabama Biology Textbooks Will Continue to Have Disclaimer Saying Evolution is “Controversial”

The good news is that Alabama’s science standards make clear that evolution is “substantiated with much direct and indirect evidence.”

The bad news is that the state’s Board of Education decided this week to keep a disclaimer in all biology textbooks that suggests the theory is “controversial.”


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FBI Raids Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Schools in New York Suspected of Defrauding Government Tech Program

For years now, ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in New York have been receiving tens of millions of dollars in funding from the federal government as part of a program called E-rate, which The Jewish Week explained “subsidizes telecommunications services and infrastructure for schools and libraries.”

There’s a story to be written about why private religious schools should be receiving taxpayer funding at all, but the bigger story right now is that ultra-Orthodox Jews essentially forbid their community from using the Internet. (After all, knowledge might pop their bubble.) Which means they’re getting a lot of money to increase their technological capabilities… even though the students aren’t allowed to use it.


Yesterday, the FBI raided dozens of Jewish schools and local vendors in the city of Ramapo to investigate what appears to be widespread fraud:

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