A Woman is Suing El Al for Having to Switch Seats at the Request of an Ultra-Orthodox Passenger

We’ve posted far too many times about male ultra-Orthodox Jews causing a stir on airplanes because they refuse to sit next to women. They believe you’re not allowed to touch any woman who’s not your wife… even if it’s incidental and not-even-close-to-sexual in nature.

Now, one woman is finally fighting back.


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God is Sending This Young Woman a Sign… Literally

It’s all part of His plan.


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What Should Atheists Say When Someone Sneezes?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses what atheists should say when someone sneezes.


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Petition Urges Washington Officials to Investigate Donations to Mark Driscoll’s Former Church

I normally don’t post Change.org petitions on this site because, frankly, I don’t think they accomplish anything. (“In God We Trust” will not be taken off the currency because you clicked a few buttons. Sorry.)

But a petition posted last night by Stephanie Drury is worth talking about.

The focus is Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church — which he founded and lated resigned from in disgrace. The church has since dissolved.

Drury’s question is simple: What did they do with all the money they took in?


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Christian Blogger: Adult Coloring Books with Mandalas Open the Door to Demons

If you’re one of the 32984932423 people who bought an adult coloring book over the past year, it’s probably because you thought it was fun, relaxing, and a pleasant distraction from the stresses of the world.


That particular kind of pattern is called a “mandala.” It has a loose connection to the cosmos in some Indian religions, but most people don’t know or care about that. They just see it and think, “Ooh, pretty.”

Leave it to a Christian to ruin all the fun.

According to the blogger at The Last Hiker, Christians ought to “stay away from mandalas.”

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