After Compromise, Atheists Will Finally Be Allowed to Join Unitarian Universalist Boy Scout Troops

Back in March, I posted about how the Unitarian Universalist Association had once again joined forces with the Boy Scouts of America. The UUA had cut all ties with the Scouts in 1998 due to its anti-atheist and anti-gay bigotry, but since the BSA was finally accepting of gay scouts and scout leaders, they figured now was the time to reconcile.

The problem with that is that the BSA still doesn’t allow openly atheist scouts to be part of their organization. So why was the UUA — which prides itself on being inclusive — lending its support to a group that will kick out scouts who don’t believe in God?


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Please Support the Work I Do Through This Site

Over the past couple of years, what began as a personal blog has turned into a hub with several contributors and multiple posts per day. As always, I’d like to continue expanding the reach of this site. That entails bringing on additional contributors with different voices, including more guest posts from people who can offer interesting and different perspectives, creating more YouTube videos, and making the podcasts sound more professional.

In order to facilitate all of this, I’ve created a page at Patreon. (You can now see on that page a list of things I’ve been able to do thanks to your contributions.)


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Creationist Ken Ham: The Earth Was Created Before the Sun, and the Bible Backs Me Up

On Twitter yesterday, Creationist Ken Ham explained that the Earth was created before the sun… because the Bible says so:


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Incredibly, Hillary Clinton May Be the Most Religious Candidate Still in the Race for President

With Ted Cruz dropping out of the presidential race tonight, John Kasich still technically in the hunt but with no real path to victory, and GOP Chairman Reince Priebus dubbing Donald Trump the “presumptive” Republican nominee, an important threshold has been crossed for Secular Americans.

The Religious Right has no clear nominee, and the candidates left standing aren’t the ones who wear their faith on their sleeves.

That means we may finally have a presidential race where religion is left on the cutting room floor. We may have an election where the major candidates aren’t defined by their faith. We’re about to have a campaign where Hillary Clinton is the most religious candidate on the ballot.

Can you believe it?


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Divorce is Even Harder on the Kids When One Parent is Shunned By the Other’s Religious Community

Life is tough for a divorced parent whose ex has joint custody of the kids and a different religious belief. While the parents can agree not to disparage each other in front of the children, God can get in the way of that. After all, if a Catholic mom takes her kids to church, what are they to think about their atheist dad?

Now imagine life for a dad who’s been kicked out of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He’s not just an atheist. He’s Disfellowshipped. He’s shunned from the entire JW community — and that includes his ex-wife.


In the story below, that dad is Clint and he’s now dating a woman named Leah. She wrote last week about how much he was dreading the upcoming weekend, because his ex-wife, a Jehovah’s Witness, had the kids, and he knew what they were going to learn at their Kingdom Hall meeting:

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