Ex-Mormon Explains What She Learned by Leaving the Church: “I Discovered I Had Wings”

Julienna Viegas-Haws was raised in the Mormon faith and graduated from BYU, but she eventually left the religion. Now, in a piece for the Salt Lake Tribune, she writes about what she learned by leaving the Church.


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The National Day of Prayer Proclamation You’ll Never Hear

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer.

What are the odds that President Obama issues a proclamation like this one?

NDP 2 2016

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Secular Parents Are Homeschooling Their Kids Due to Faith-Based Bullying in Public Schools

Why do so many homeschooling parents turn out to be Christian? Many say they feel the public schools are too secular or too hostile to their faith. That’s the traditional narrative.

But it goes the other way, too. Some parents pull their kids out of public schools because they feel they’re too religious to the point where kids experience “religious bullying.”


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In Arkansas, School Board Member’s Proposal for New Elective Bible Class Includes Page of Memes

A board member of the Bentonville Public Schools (in Arkansas) has proposed adding an academic course on the Bible to the curriculum. That might be okay if taught in a secular way, but we’ve seen that kind of course fail before.

Brent Leas is the board member who wants to see this happen and you’d think he’d do some research before suggesting this idea… but a glimpse at his proposal shows that he’s done no such thing.

The proposal runs a grand total of five pages. Page 1 is a cover letter that cites right-wing website The Blaze. Pages 3-5 are just a printout of a 2013 state law that says academic Bible classes are legal.

Page 2?

Memes. Just memes.


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Don’t Worry, Atheists; You’re Probably Fine

Seen in Bellingham, Washington:


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