Report Claims Evangelical Church Leaders in Wisconsin Exhibited “Cultlike” and “Abusive” Behavior

Valleybrook Church, based in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is under fire for what a former leader is calling “abusive practices [that] were inappropriate and pushing the church away from God.”

After a pastor blew the whistle by way of an open letter, a team of investigators (sent in by the church’s parent organization) spoke with current and former church members, eventually issuing a report that condemned the leadership for allowing these abusive practices to continue:

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If We Applied Anti-Vaxxer “Logic” to Other Areas, It Might Sound Like This

“I don’t believe in microwaves. My son used one and now he’s gay.”

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There’s Definitely Some Magic Involved

Maybe his show, too, will vanish in a puff of smoke…

(Via Joe Nickell at the Center For Inquiry)

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Creationists Are Seriously Trying to Figure Out Adam and Eve’s Skin Color

Apparently, Christians are still debating the skin color of Adam and Eve… which is about as close as you can get to arguing over the color of a unicorn’s horn.

The idea is that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and you have to find some way of explaining the diversity of skin color within that time… which to them means either Adam or Eve had to be super-duper-black.

Referencing a passage in the ESV Study Bible, Sierra Rayne of the American Thinker writes:

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Contrary to Previous Research, Study Finds That Atheists and Believers Have Similar Levels of Mental Health

Common wisdom holds that religious people generally have stronger mental health than atheists. On the surface, it’s easy to make sense of that. They have a built-in community, a sense of belonging, and a feeling that a Higher power is looking out for them.

New research, however, indicates that the perceived mental health gap may not exist after all.

According a paper published in the Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, by the University of Louisville’s Mark M. Leach and Jon T. Moore of the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, part of the problem is that previous papers not only failed to include atheists in their studies, they over-generalized Christians as representative of all religions:

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