Found in a Religious Education Textbook Aimed at Eight-Year-Olds…

I think the word “imaginary” is in the wrong place…

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Explaining Where the Ball Went in Viral Vine Video

Captain Disillusion explains the secret behind a popular Vine clip:

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Newspaper That Won’t Publish Gay Wedding Announcements Tells Staff to Keep Opinions to Themselves

The other day, I posted about the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, based out of Tupelo, because Publisher Clay Foster had written an essay all about why his paper would not be printing same-sex marriage announcements.

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New Anti-Atheist Invocation Policy in Pompano Beach (FL) Requires Churches to Be Listed in the Yellow Pages

The Pompano Beach City Commission in Florida *really* doesn’t want to allow Satanists or atheists or Wiccans to deliver invocations at their meetings. But they know that’s a possibility if they say yes to religious invocations at all.

So yesterday, they voted 4-1 to adopt a ridiculous new policy on what qualifies as a religion:

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Canadian Politician Compares Party to Jesus Before Lying About New Anti-Terrorism Bill

Conservative politician Wai Young (a Canadian Sarah Palin, if you will) is making headlines after audio surfaced of her telling a church audience that her party acted like Jesus when passing Bill C-51 (a Canadian version of the PATRIOT Act).

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