Well, He Asked For It…

If you get a tattoo that says only God can judge you, what else would you expect?


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We Couldn’t Have Been Created in God’s Image…

Forget the conversation about what color Jesus was, and let’s start talking about what species God is:


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English Professor Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

On Saturday morning, as 58-year-old Professor Rezaul Karim Siddique headed to work at Rajshahi University in Bangladesh, assailants stopped him before he reached the bus station and hacked him to death with machetes:


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The Swiss Citizenship of Two Muslim Boys is At Risk After Handshake Controversy

Earlier this month, I posted about how two Muslim boys in Switzerland were at the center of controversy because they refused to shake their female teacher’s hand before and after class. They didn’t want to follow the longtime Swiss tradition because their religion, they claim, won’t allow them to touch women who aren’t family members.


Now, it may be getting even worse for the boys.

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Three Candidates for Oregon State House Come Out As Openly Non-Religious

The Freethought Equality Fund just endorsed three candidates for the Oregon State House — and all three are coming out as openly non-religious in the process.


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