Secular Invocation Delivered at Wilkes-Barre City Council Meeting

On Thursday night, Justin Vacula delivered a secular invocation during the “public comments” potion of a meeting of the Wilkes-Barre City Council. (The council always has a religious invocation at the beginning of meetings… I’m not sure if that’s legal.)

It’s a little tough to hear, but a transcript is below:

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When Jews Become Atheists: A Compilation of Religious Humor

A lot of people raised in the Jewish tradition are now vocal atheists. Here’s an entertaining compilation of several notable Jews (or secular Jews or former Jews or whatever they prefer to call themselves) talking about faith:

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I Think She’s Saying God Won’t Answer All Our Prayers…

I’m pretty sure today’s Family Circus offers the least helpful theological advice ever:

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Oak Hill (TN) Commissioner Candidate Who Was Victim of Anti-Atheist Smear Campaign Gets Elected

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the anti-atheist smear campaign against Heidi Campbell (Pflaum), a candidate to become a city commissioner in Oak Hill, Tennessee.

An anonymous mailer had been sent to residents in Oak Hill warning them that Campbell is (*gasp*) a Secular Humanist because she had liked a Secular Humanist group on Facebook:

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After Promoting Christian Prayers at School, Missouri District Agrees to Pay Humanist Lawyers $41,000 in Settlement

Last year, we learned of a constitutional violation at Fayette High School in Missouri. Gwen Pope, a math teacher at the school, was leading Christian devotional prayers in her classroom every Friday morning. That alone might have been okay since she was the faculty sponsor for a Christian club, but announcements about those prayers were made over the school’s loudspeakers while other student groups didn’t get the same privilege.

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