What To Do (and What Not To Do) If Someone Threatens Your Kid with Hell

Suppose you’re a non-believer and someone tells your child that he will go to Hell for not believing a certain thing or because he’s not baptized. What do you do?

Whether it’s at school, or with friends, or at a religious event of some kind, if you know children who aren’t being raised (some may say indoctrinated) with a particular religion, this situation is bound to arise.

That’s partly because the idea of Hell is associated with many religions, so no matter where you live or who your kids associate with, it’s likely they will meet somebody who believes in it. In Christianity, it’s called Hell. In Islam, it’s called “Jahannam.” But it’s all the same in practice.

The second reason this issue is common is that kids will be kids. If they are taught that Hell is real and that non-believers will be sent there, there’s a chance they will bring it up to their classmates and friends who they think fit those descriptions. And children who are threatened with Hell will be kids, too. That is to say that, because they often don’t know any better, they may be scared that this place is real and that they should do anything they can to avoid it.

That’s where you come in.

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A Public High School in Georgia Just Had a Local Church “Present the Gospel” to Students

Troup County Comprehensive High School is the place that recently invited Creationist Eric Hovind to give an anti-evolution presentation under the guise of teaching critical thinking. Principal Chip Medders defended the invitation, saying that faith wasn’t a part of the presentation so it was okay (even though the presentation slides included religious references).

If you thought Medders was at least spooked by all the unwanted attention, think again. A local church just posted this on Facebook:

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Cochran (Georgia) City Council Will Hoist Christian Flag Above Courthouse, Against Attorney’s Advice

The city council members in Cochran, Georgia have a novel way of settling church/state separation issues. Like hoisting a Christian flag in front of the courthouse.

They just figure out what the majority wants and follow suit:

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If This Man Gets His Way, There Will Soon Be a Replica of Noah’s Ark in Jacksonville

Watch out, Ken Ham. You have company.

The city of Jacksonville, Florida is trying to sell off a huge 40-acre tract of land (the Shipyards) near downtown and they’re currently taking bids from developers.

Option 1: Iguana Investments, which is partially owned by billionaire Shad Khan, wants to create luxury housing, football practice fields, and a possible museum.

Option 2: Shitaki Marine wants to create a “docking facility for mega-yachts.” Because the wealthiest people in the world need more parking spaces.

Option 3: In Him, LLC wants to create a replica of Noah’s Ark.

No, for real. That’s what owner Stephen Grenda wants. Even though he has no money to invest.

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I Love the Woman Invoking the “Religious Freedom” Argument to Keep Feeding the Homeless… but She’s Still Wrong

For nearly a decade, Joan Cheever (below) has been handing out food to the homeless in San Antonio, but she was given a ticket last week:

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