Jehovah’s Witnesses Release Video Arguing That Evolution is a Myth

In the latest JW Broadcasting video put out by the Watchtower Society leadership, there’s a segment that discusses how evolution is a hoax. It comes by way of interviews with two JW scientists: Yaroslav Dovhanych, a Russian zoologist, and Professor Raj Kalaria, a brain researcher at England’s Newcastle University.

Thankfully, JW watchdog Lloyd Evans is there to dissect their lies.

You can see the relevant segment beginning at the 46:15 mark below:


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We’d Like to Properly Caption All the Atheist Voice Videos

I’ve had a number of requests from readers who want to watch the videos on our Atheist Voice YouTube channel, but they’re unable to because they’re deaf and the automatic captions provided by YouTube are often inaccurate. (We provide the script in the description, but it’s not nearly the same as having the captions right on the video itself.)


There’s a simple way to add captions, but it takes a little bit of time. So we’re looking for a handful of volunteers willing to assist us. Maybe 6 people or so?

If you’re able to help, we’ll provide you with the tools/scripts you need, and I’ll throw in a signed book if you’d like that. Just email me here and we’ll get working on this very soon. Thank you in advance!

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After Not Standing for the Pledge, Atheist Student Told He Should “Move to a Different Country”

I’ve heard of students being told they had to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance even though they legally don’t have to.

But I’ve rarely seen the adults at a school flip out over the issue as much as they did this week at Acadiana High School in Louisiana.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a letter to Superintendent Donald Aguillard detailing the unbelievable things junior Raymond Smith had to deal with.


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Saturday Night Live Spoofs God’s Not Dead: “I’m Gonna Prove… God is Straight!”

Last night’s Saturday Night Live included a spoof of God’s Not Dead that worked in all the anti-gay bigotry taking place in the country at the hands of Christians. This time, the persecuted Christian character was determined to fight back against the Forces of Evil who kept trying to convince the world that God is gay.

He’s not gay! she told the courtroom. “God is a boob man!”

And the crowd went wild.


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First Legally Sanctioned Pastafarian Wedding Takes Place in New Zealand

Four months after New Zealand ruled that representatives of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster were legally allowed to perform marriage ceremonies, and two months after Karen Martyn became the first official Pastafarian celebrant (a.k.a. a “ministeroni”), there has finally been a legally sanctioned Pastafarian wedding:


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