WA District Officials Reluctantly Admit Satanists Can Start an “After School Satan” Club

When The Satanic Temple announced that they would be starting up After School Satan, their version of a voluntary religious club for kids, the reaction was swift. People freaked out at the thought of Satanists doing exactly what Christians do all over the country.

Now, officials in a Washington State school district are admitting they have no legal authority to stop the club from forming, despite the overwhelming pushback from parents.


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Atheist Ireland Tells UN Human Rights Council About Nation’s Church/State Separation Problem

Atheist Ireland just became the first explicitly non-theistic advocacy group to speak in front of the full UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and leaders of the group used the opportunity to denounce their nation’s blasphemy laws, ban on abortion, and religious discrimination in public schools.


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VA High School Officials Face Criticism After Removing Christian Cross from Homecoming Shirt Design

When administrators at John Battle High School in Virginia let the Student Council Association design a t-shirt for Homecoming week, they didn’t realize that the winning entry had a Christian cross on the bottom. They decided to remove it — to make sure they weren’t promoting religion and inviting a lawsuit — and that move has prompted a strong reaction from students and parents who are ignorant of the law and who believe the school is somehow infringing upon their rights.


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Gary Johnson: Why Bother Tackling Climate Change When the Sun Will Eventually Engulf the Earth?

If you’re Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and you want to get everyone’s mind off of how you didn’t immediately know what Aleppo was, how do you do it?

Apparently by saying we shouldn’t worry about tackling climate change because our whole species will eventually die out.


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Christian Right Leader: Witches Are Advising the “Senior Leadership of the Country”

When televangelist Jim Bakker is the second craziest guy on the panel, you know you’re doing something wrong with your life.


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