Northern Illinois University Will No Longer Keep Bibles in Campus Hotel Rooms by Default

This should be obvious by now: Public universities are not equivalent to private hotel chains. When you stay in a campus hotel room, there’s no reason a Bible should be in your nightstand by default. It may make sense to assume people want one from a business perspective, which is why most private hotels will have one in your room when you arrive, but public schools shouldn’t be making the same mistake. They should keep bibles available for customers who want them — and that’s it.

Northern Illinois University is the latest school to learn that the hard way. When the school’s Secular Student Alliance invited the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Annie Laurie Gaylor to speak, she stayed in the Holmes Student Center and noticed the problem immediately. And why wouldn’t she? FFRF has dealt with this problem several times before.

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Sign Outside Harris County (GA) Sheriff’s Dept. Tells Those Offended by Christmas and God to “LEAVE!”

Harris County, Georgia Sheriff Mike Jolley would like to remind you that non-Christians aren’t welcome in his community:

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After Approving Prayer at Meetings, NC School Board Wants to “Get Back to the Business of Education”

Last month, when more than a dozen candidates were in a battle for five spots on the Cleveland County Board of Education in North Carolina, we learned that all of them wanted prayer at school board meetings.

On Monday, they voted to include those prayers at meetings. The weird thing is that they now want to put this issue behind them and refocus on education, as if it was ever okay to put education on the back burner.

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Georgia’s Lt. Governor Trashes “Extreme Atheists” in Fundraising Letter for Gubernatorial Campaign

Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle is making a pitch for why he should be Governor in 2018 by throwing atheists under the bus.

A fundraising letter sent by Cagle and obtained by the Atlanta Journal Constitution is stamped with the line, “Don’t Let Atheists Ban Georgia’s Football Chaplains.”

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After Islamic Center Labeled “Radical,” Local Humanists Reach Out in a Gesture of Friendship

After the Daily Caller News Foundation posted a map of supposed “radical mosques” in the U.S., it wasn’t long before threats were made against them.

For example, the Pullman Islamic Center in Washington ended up on the list…

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