A Year After Ending the Ban on Gay Leaders, the Boy Scouts Are Doing Just Fine

It was nearly a year ago when the Boy Scouts of America finally ended its irrational ban on gay scout leaders. With that decision, discrimination against gay members in the organization was officially over. A year later, despite backlash from many religious conservatives, the Boy Scouts are doing just fine.


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Sen. Jeff Sessions: Justice Sonia Sotomayor Isn’t Religious Enough to Do Her Job Well

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, sat for a panel discussion this week during the Republican National Convention and criticized Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for her alleged irreligiosity:


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A Christian Apologist Realized Pokémon Go Isn’t Dangerous or Occultish… Yet

Christian apologist Matt Slick wrote an article nearly a decade ago trashing Pokémon. So what does he think of Pokémon Go? He downloaded the app, played the game, and realized it’s not as bad as he expected. (But he’s still doing research!)


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Bernie Sanders Responds to DNC Email Leaks: “I Am Not An Atheist”

After Friday’s revelation that Democratic National Committee officials had discussed outing Bernie Sanders as an atheist in an effort to undermine his candidacy, Sanders responded directly to those accusations this morning on CNN.


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Christian Preacher Wants to Raise $455,000 Online… For What, I Don’t Know

Much like with televangelists, you shouldn’t donate to a Christian preacher via GoFundMe when he won’t tell you where that money is going.


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