Giant Christian Cross in Pensacola (FL) Park Has to Come Down Within 30 Days

A U.S. District Court judge said today that a giant Christian cross on city property in Pensacola, Florida is unconstitutional.


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The False Promises of Detox Diets (Explained By Someone Who Sold the Products)

Britt Marie Hermes is a former naturopathic doctor who now speaks out against the pseudoscientific ideology, and she just published a fascinating article about how she used to sell “detox diets” and how she now knows they’re a scam.


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Catholic Group Uses Loophole to Block Assisted Dying in Winnipeg Hospital

Even though doctors at St. Boniface Hospital in Manitoba want to help suffering patients die on their own terms, the Catholic group overseeing the hospital decided the Vatican knows better than medical professionals.

They soon figured out a sneaky way to prevent doctors from helping those patients.


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Irish Professor Blasts Homosexuality “Disorder” After Lesbian Icon Dies

Here’s some advice: When a friend of yours dies, don’t use her death as an opportunity to condemn everything she stood for.


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Podcast Ep. 168: The Rise of the Religious Left

We also discussed the cruelty of praying for a dead man to come back to life, Walgreen’s bizarre policy for pharmacists who don’t want to do their jobs, and the french fries that offended a conservative Christian.


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