A 29-Year-Old Blogger Who Criticized Islamic Extremism Was Murdered in the Maldives

Yameen Rasheed, a blogger critical of radical Islam, lived in the Maldives, an island nation and tourism magnet. On Sunday, he was brutally murdered, continuing a pattern of South Asian religious critics being killed for their sacrilegious ideas.


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A WV School District May Be Forced To End Its 75-Year-Old Bible Indoctrination Classes for Kids

A West Virginia school district has been offering classes on the Bible for 75 years at the elementary and middle school levels… but rather than teach the Bible as literature, which might be problematic on its own, they’re preaching it as if the kids were in Sunday School. Atheists are suing the District to put a stop┬áto the curriculum.

This is an actual image used in the curriculum.

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Ken Ham: Atheists Say They’re Open-Minded, But They Never Change Their Minds About Evolution

Ken Ham was on an early morning Twitter tirade today, pushing back against atheists with his usual blend of ignorance and foot-in-mouth disease. This time, he was responding to the atheist argument that we’re willing to follow the evidence wherever it leads.


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Humanist Gives Invocation in Bremerton (WA) and Urges Officials to Honor Those “Silenced By Fear”

Jennifer Chamberlin told the Bremerton City Council: “I invite you to use your charge and your privilege in a way that honors not only the voices of those you hear from your constituents but also the voices you know are silenced by fear.”


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Watch John Oliver Examine the Influence of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

John Oliver took a closer look at Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, two people who hold top positions in the Oval Office… yet whose accomplishments and qualifications deserve further inspection.


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