Bryan Fischer Says of the Bible, “Do. Not. Doubt. This. Book”… While Sharing a Faith-Based Hoax

On his radio show yesterday, Bryan Fischer covered a major scientific breakthrough: Apparently scientists are having serious doubts about that whole “evolution” thing. It’s “a complete sham,” Fischer said. “It’s a scam. It’s a hoax.”

And he made sure to reiterate where this information was coming from in case there were any concerns:


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Appeals Court Rejects Lawsuit Claiming the Teaching of Evolution in Kansas Promotes Atheism

It’s not very often that you hear this, but the Kansas State Board of Education was on the right side of the science debate in a lawsuit they’ve been dealing with for years now. And they just won another major battle.


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Why is the Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Scandal Still a Story After All These Years?

Laurie Goodstein, the national religion correspondent for The New York Times, wrote a powerful essay about why the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal is still a story decades after it first broke. Yes, reporters keep uncovering new horrifying details, but why are people still so fascinated by this topic?


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Curt Schilling Finally Fired from ESPN After Posting Anti-Trans Meme

Curt Schilling, the former baseball pitcher and ESPN broadcaster best known to readers of this site for promoting Creationism, comparing 5-10% of Muslims to Nazis, and (just this week) posting the offensive meme below on Facebook, has finally been fired by ESPN.


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The Boone County (MO) Christian Veterans Memorial Has Been Replaced by This Secular Alternative

For nearly 20 years, there was a Christian war memorial outside the Boone County courthouse in Missouri:


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