This is What a Man Without Christ Looks Like, According to a Fundamentalist

According to Tim LaHaye, the Left Behind co-author, this image represents just about all of you:


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Why the University of Iowa Made a Mistake in Giving Muslim Students Their Own Prayer Rooms

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses why the University of Iowa shouldn’t be giving Muslim students their own prayer rooms:


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Diboll (TX) Police Chief Says He Won’t Put Bible Verses on Uniforms for a Very Sensible Reason

Last month, I posted about how the Diboll Police Department in Texas wasn’t satisfied with just putting “In God We Trust” on their vehicles.

They wanted a Bible verse on their uniform patches:


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Christian “Coach” Dave Daubenmire Makes the Case for Why “Discrimination is a Good Thing”

In a video released yesterday, “Coach” Dave Daubenmire, standing outside an abortion clinic, tried to make the case for why discrimination is perfectly okay.

Bigotry, he says, is bad. But discrimination? Fine!

It all leads to his point that discrimination against transgender individuals isn’t bigotry. It’s discrimination. And that’s why it’s perfectly acceptable.


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The “Miracle Water” Came from Costco… and Other Secrets of a Crooked Televangelist

Peter Popoff is the televangelist whose methods were famously debunked decades ago by James Randi… but that didn’t stop him. He’s back to his same old tricks, even offering “miracle water” that will supposedly eliminate your debt… but only if you send him some “seed money” in return.


Crystal Sanchez used to work for Popoff as a “donation processor.” She didn’t know what she was getting into, but she quickly discovered how much of a scam this all was and later wrote a book about her experiences.

Skeptic Carrie Poppy recently got in touch with Sanchez and got even more details about how Popoff dupes so many people.

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