Christopher Hitchens Didn’t “Contemplate Conversion” on His Deathbed

A new book by Larry Alex Taunton, called The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, suggests that Hitchens was “contemplating conversion” near the end of his life, though he never actually made that leap:


Don’t believe the lie.

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Whole Foods Has Proof They Didn’t Write a Slur on a Gay Pastor’s Cake

Yesterday, I posted an unbelievable story about a gay pastor, Jordan D. Brown, who said he bought a “Love Wins” cake from an Austin (Texas) Whole Foods store. But when he glanced at the cake on the way home, he realized that the icing also included a three-letter slur:

That seems… odd.

Whole Foods denied doing anything wrong. The company defended the baker at the store along with their quality control process.

But Brown wasn’t having it. He filed a lawsuit against the store because of the “pain, anguish, and humiliation” they put him through.

Oh, how the tables have turned…

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How to Beat Your Wife Properly, According to a Saudi Family Therapist

Saudi family therapist Khaled Al-Saqaby has a lot of advice on how to discipline your wife. Too much advice, really, since even a list of a single item would be excessive…

Even he recognizes it’s a sensitive issue, saying right up front that, “Allah willing, we will cross this bridge safely.”


So what are his Qur’an-inspired tips?

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Here’s an Inspiring Video About What It Means to Be Human (Religion Not Included)

Daniel Winne and Luke Ewing made an inspiring video on what it truly means to be human. It includes children, love, music, nature, and so much more.

Religion is never mentioned. Which is to say you can live a thoroughly fulfilling, meaningful, joyful life — without resorting to nonsense.


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This is What a Man Without Christ Looks Like, According to a Fundamentalist

According to Tim LaHaye, the Left Behind co-author, this image represents just about all of you:


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