A Religious Right Leader Managed to Find Actual Examples of Christian Persecution

In an opinion piece for Religion News Service, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins argues that our government needs to do more to help persecuted Christians around the world.

Now, normally, when Perkins talks about persecution, he’s referring to someone like Kim Davis or Christian business owners who have to provide comprehensive health insurance (including birth control) for their employees. Christian persecution, for him, is what we see when the military treats LGBT soldiers as equals.


But in this essay, written with former congressman Frank Wolf, Perkins does a remarkable thing: He cites examples of actual Christian persecution.

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A Gay Pastor and Whole Foods Are Fighting Over Who Wrote an Offensive Word on a Personalized Cake

According to Pastor Jordan D. Brown, a “Love Wins” cake he recently ordered from an Austin (Texas) Whole Foods arrived with a three-letter slur also in icing:


That seems… odd.

Why would someone working at Whole Foods, of all places, write in a slur against the LGBT community?

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Washington Post: President Obama Should Ask Saudi Government to Release Imprisoned Blogger

As President Obama embarks upon a trip to Saudi Arabia, the Washington Post editorial board reminds him that blogger Raif Badawi is still being held as a prisoner. The President, they say, should urge the Saudi government to release him immediately.

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New York May Soon Overturn “Blue Laws” Forbidding Alcohol Sales on Sunday Mornings

A lot of you are familiar with “Blue laws,” which prohibit certain kinds of activities but only on certain days. For example, in some cities, vendors can’t sell alcohol… on Sundays. Because Jesus.

At least in New York, that may be on the verge of changing. A new law would allow restaurants and bars to serve alcohol beginning at 8:00a on Sundays instead of noon as the current law allows.


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Author of Infamous “CES Letter” Has Left Mormonism: “I Have Excommunicated the LDS Church”

Jeremy Runnells is best known within Mormon circles for writing the CES Letter — a sort-of open letter that questions the foundational beliefs of the Church. I’ve heard from several former Mormons that they began their journey out of the faith precisely because they read that letter and realized they had been lied to their entire lives. (Needless to say, the person to whom the CES letter was directed never answered Runnells’ questions.)

For his efforts, Church leaders began proceedings to kick Runnells out. They wanted to excommunicate him for daring to ask difficult questions.

But they won’t have to have that meeting now. Last night, Runnells announced that he had resigned from the Church. They can’t break up with him, because he just broke up with them.


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